Ohio Firefighters March to the Statehouse

Video via Chasefire.

And another view from inside the march:


Video via mwy1984.

FireDad is somewhere in that group. They marched from Union Local 67‘s hall to the Statehouse yesterday. I so, so wish we could have been there yesterday, but as some kind friends pointed out, I’ve been helping in my own way.

No on SB5!

(Normal Wordless Wednesday should resume next week. I had to chronicle the videos here as this bill is such a part of our life right now.)


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A Letter to My Husband

Dear FireDad,

I’m proud of you.

I’m normally pretty proud of you, and you give my heart cause to fill with more pride than usual on occasion. But I’m really proud of you today.

I know it’s cold. And I’m guessing your dress shoes that go with your dress uniform aren’t all that warm. And watching the coverage on Facebook, twitter and the blogs about how you were locked out of the statehouse — and likely haven’t made it inside even yet — made me boil with anger. Interesting that they locked protesters out on the cold, snowy, sleety, slushy, nasty day; not last week during the unseasonably warm weather. Interesting indeed.

But know that I am proud of you today.

I am proud of you for standing up for Ohio. For your job. For our family. For doing what you believe in. For standing up for others and what they believe in. For participating in the core of democracy; the right to stand up for what you feel is right… or wrong.


For being you.

I wish I could have been there today, to stand with you in solidarity. But I will be waiting at home when you return. I’ll even make you a hot tea with whiskey to warm you up if you so desire. I’ll stop short at rubbing your cold feet, but I’ll let you wear my Snuggie if you want.

I kid, I kid. We both know the Snuggie is mine.

What I’m trying to say is that you remain my hero.

Standing in Solidarity (and Snow)

Be safe. I’ll see you later tonight. Chant a little for me, wouldya?

All my love (and solidarity),