Shift Mashup, The First

Our fire department has experienced some changes over the past few months. There have been a few retirements, the promotion test and subsequent passing by FireDad. As such, some shifts have been moved around as happens when people come and go within the department.

As a fire spouse, I get nervous when changes to shifts come down the line. For six years, I have trusted FireDad’s shift mates to keep him safe. I know them. I know their families. I trust them with my husband’s life. That’s kind of big and scary to say, to put your partner’s life in someone else’s hands. But that’s what time does; you learn to trust the people your partner works with just as you learn to trust your own spouse to not be a total nitwit inside a fire. It’s a part of growth in the fire department.

This is my first shift mashup. I like that: Shift Mashup. It’s the new technical term. Embrace it.

But, yes, it’s my first Shift Mashup. One firefighter moved shifts a few weeks ago. On Tuesday, a different firefighter will move onto FireDad’s shift. I knew that things would be changing, but I didn’t realize that I was holding some anxiety about the changes somewhere within my body. I let go of all that anxiety the other day when I learned who would be moving onto FireDad’s shift.


He was in our wedding. I already trust him with FireDad’s life.

It’s not that I wouldn’t have trusted any of the other number of firefighters who could have been moved into that spot. But I know this firefighter. I know his family, his son. I trusted him not to be a buffoon at our wedding, and I trust that he won’t do anything too risky or stupid inside a fire. Where it would have taken me awhile to get used to someone new-new, I am automatically at ease with this Shift Mashup. FireDad is pleased as now he’s on the same shift with two of his best friends.

The Three Amigos (or Stooges, ahem), together at last.


They won’t always be this easy; I know that. But I’m pleased and not worried. I’ll take it.


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5 Replies to “Shift Mashup, The First”

  1. It helped that hubby moved to the different station with one of our good friends and then another one of the guys was in his class. So three of them from the same class in one station. lol Since we didn’t change shifts I still know he’s mainly with the same crowd.

    However, I’m still not liking the new station assignment and some other things. It’s just so buy now I don’t even think of stopping by. But hubby said that’s in my head and I just need to get over it and stop by. Sounds like a new blog post idea for me.

    Happy to hear the amigos are together. It’ll make work so much more fun for FireDad too :)

  2. I know how you feel about changes on shift…Fire Capt is now on his way to Amarillo to help with brush fires out there. This is definitely not in district : ) ….While I can keep things in perspective fairly easily on normal shift days…it’s his job…I know the guys he works with…and for the most part make it through my day with little concern…this is a WHOLE new ballgame. It’s not that FireCapt doesn’t know what he’s doing….He’s been in brush fires many many times before….and I know the guys there will watch his back just as much as the guys here do, but ….I don’t know them….and to trust FIreCapt to them is …well….HARD! I had a momentary freak out moment when I got the news today…thankfully it was after FireCapt was already off the phone from giving me the news…I was out running errands at the time….After discussing it with another firefighter and his wife that I am good friends with the freak out is over…but the concern still lingers….his deployment will be for the next 48 hrs….I know I’ll be bending God’s ear quite a few of those 48….it’s funny how much difference location can make..

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