Ohio SB 5: A Raw Deal for Firefighters and You

I’m pretty upset right now with the state in which I live.

As a fire family, I staunchly oppose Senate Bill 5 (SB5; bill text here) which aims to remove collective bargaining from unions. Every time I think of this bill, sponsored by Senator Shannon Jones (R – Springboro), I get this mix of angry anxiety in the pit of my stomach. It’s not just the security of my husband’s job and thus our livelihood on the line. It’s the safety of the citizens of Ohio.

While Firefighters are affected, they’re not the only ones. Who else will be affected by SB5? Your police officers. Your teachers. Your nurses. Your government workers. People you rely on for safety, for security, for education, for your day-to-day stuff. The stuff you take for granted. The Middle Class. For those that think teachers or firefighters or police officers or what-have-you make too much money, I’d like you to live a balanced life on our budget.

There’s a video on Facebook making the rounds right now from Xenia’s Word on the Street. I wish it was embeddable, but it’s not. It shows the faces of your public workers who will be affected by SB5. About a minute into the video, FireDad is seen with both BigBrother and LittleBrother after the big downtown fire in 2009. (Warning: Music is bad/cheesy.) And speaking of Facebook, feel free to join Stand Up for Ohio to keep up to date with the news on SB 5.

The below video isn’t strictly about Ohio as it delves more into the problems New Jersey is facing, but it’s a must watch. Touch my husband’s pension, will you? I think not.

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“What they’re doing to firefighters is un-American. It’s a Raw Deal.”

For more information on the SB 5 and, even more specifically pensions, you should read this letter sent to the Springfield News-Sun by Brian Leciejewski is president of the Springfield Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 333.. Here’s some important information that the public should understand about firefighter pensions. It’s misunderstood and being misconstrued by those supporting SB 5.

It is clear to us that this plan is a product of the governor’s personal hostility toward Ohio’s firefighters and police officers, and not based on the facts.

Here are the facts: First, the idea that your public servants retire with a windfall or “golden” pension benefit is an overstated myth.

For fiscal year 2010, the average annual Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund benefit for recipients was $35,650. Keep in mind that your professional firefighters and law enforcement officers do not pay into, and therefore do not draw from, any Social Security retirement or disability benefits. As far as our pensions go, this is it for us.

We share the cost of our pensions with the city in just the same way that people in the private sector share the cost of Social Security with their employer.

The Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters (OAPFF) has issued an Action Alert. (Obviously.) They’re asking for supporters to show up for hearings, which are running this week. I encourage you, if you can, make your way to the hearing today.

Tue., Feb. 15, 2011, 2:30 PM, South Hearing Room
Sen. Bacon: 614-466-8064

Columbus Local 67 is providing an assembly area ahead of time if you’re interested at 12:00 with a briefing at 1:00pm. Location: Columbus Local 67 – 379 W. Broad St. – Columbus – 43215. We can’t attend as I’m working today, but please go if you can. Also, heed the warning on the site to act as professional as possible. There will be opponents present. Be the professionals that you are, whether you’re a family member or a firefighter.

Lastly, go ahead and look up your Senator and share your thoughts on the issue.

After the Big City Fire
The photo of FireDad with the boys in the Xenia video.

This doesn’t have to be a partisan issue though most of the coverage, even the video above, strikes a partisan line. If you care about those who work to serve you, you can oppose this bill no matter your party affiliation. Don’t let your compassion and care for others be dictated by a party. Ours isn’t.

I didn’t include information in this piece about the teachers’ union, police officers or other government workers. If you care to leave a link here to other posts, articles or information for those interested in how those unions are being negatively affected by this bill, I would be grateful.

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I will be contacting my legislators as well. Even if it didn’t affect us personally (and it does since I’m a state employee), I would be against the bill.

We are going through the same thing here in California. My husband has taken his fire sticker off his truck cause he is getting harassed by citizens in the city he works for. It’s just a sad and scary thing that is happening.

I’m kind of surprised that everyone is bashing the Governor…then again, you’d think that he’d veto this bill if it came to his desk as his dad was a mail carrier, or a public servant.

In my previous line of work with pensions, I know how much the firefighters and their families depend on it. I assisted with the FDNY-PD Pension. I heard too many stories from widows who didn’t know that they weren’t entitled to SS, only their husband’s pension.

However, after reading news articles and having worked in a Statehouse (Iowa, not Ohio), I would like to encourage those against SB5 to be civil. You get more flies with honey. Don’t shout at the bill’s sponsor. Just numbers in the House speak louder than shouts. Imagine if the sponsor walked out of her office to a silent, still crowd. That would catch their attention, I’m sure.

If I can give you any more tips from both my pension and statehouse background, let me know. :)

Considering Kasich recently called a police office an idiot, he’s not making friends, fans or even opposing viewpoint constituents who want to take the time to listen, let alone negotiate. He can say he “regrets it,” as he’s playing it now, but the way he has treated the teachers and the police thus far is not at all indicative of someone who wants to take care of those who take care of him. I’m not a fan. And while I always give people in power a shot even if I didn’t vote for them, he’s quickly running out of patience from this household.

Growing up in Western Pa. should have given this Governor an idea how the right to bargain collectively has helped improve the lives of many families. This is a certified Republican attempt to try to balance a budget on the backs of public employees who have been responsible while not being paid huge amounts of salary over the years.

The same thing is going on in New jersey, Wisconsin and Illinois , it soon will be a nationwide movement. Ps. thanks Governor for help making jobs your number one priority! Police, fire ,teachers and other public employees DO NOT LET THIS ANTI UNION GENERAL ASSEMBLY TAKE away your rights earned by past generations of hard worker caring Americans.. Let them hear you! NOW!!

We are tired watching firefighters work 5 days every three weeks. You eat, fart, shop, sleep, exercise and call it work. I’m tired of paying your salary. Joe Q. Public

I approved this comment just to poke fun at the classy individual who can’t even properly choose between the words lose and loose. You stay classy, Trolly McGee!

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