Getting Ready for Another Steelers Super Bowl

My Smack-Talk-o-Meter is turned down rather low. Maybe it’s because my friend Nicole is hosting our friend group’s Super Bowl party… and she’s a Ravens fan. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy with projects and snow and, yes, I still have the Viral Ick. Maybe it’s because I’m a teensy bit nervous about the game. Whatever the case, I’ve been trying to blog witty things about the game, but I’ll leave that up to Virginia.

Instead, I thought I’d share what we’re taking to the game food wise, kid wise and other great Steelers links as you prepare for your Steelers Super Bowl.

Food for the Super Bowl

  • First off, we’re hosting a Soup Swap, an idea we got from BlogHer last month. I am still working on my soup idea. We have no where to be on Saturday, so I’m cooking soup then. I keep looking at the what freezes well and what doesn’t list and I keep coming up empty. Help? (Edit: Going with my Texas Soup recipe from my Super Bowl 2009 post. Great recipe for large groups if you’re still looking for something to serve at your party.)
  • I’m taking my favorite thing ever, Buffalo Chicken Dip. Dee made it for me last summer when I visited, and I’ve been kind of making it for every other event since that time. My mouth waters when I think about it. I’m also taking along a veggie tray, some guacamole and some chips.
  • I over-purchased white chocolate and almond bark at Christmas time, so I thought I’d use up some of that and make something sweet as well. I think I’m going with these brownie truffle bites at Sweet Pea Patisserie, which would be awesome if I could find black and gold to top them with, no?
  • FireDad and I haven’t decided who gets to drink yet. As we don’t ever drink and drive, it’s only ever one of us. If it’s me, I’m taking my favorite wine — Moscato, which will taste lovely with the truffle bites. If I’m being our Designated Driver, I may splurge and allow myself some pop. But something like Ginger Ale. I can’t handle colas anymore; they hurt my teeth!

Fun for the Kiddos

The kids are going to get bored. Though with 14 of them (no, really), they should be able to keep each other busy. I’m printing out some Steelers coloring pages to take with us.


Lastly, I’m going to get my craft on with the boys on Saturday, while I’m making soup, and we’re going to make ourselves a Vince Lombardi Trophy. Oh yeah. And then we’re taking it to the Super Bowl party. And if we’re all still awake at the end of the game, we’ll hoist it over our heads and declare VICTORY! (I hope.)

In the mean time, I’ll be sitting here, tweeting things about #steelernation and watching the Twerrible Towel wave. No, really, it’s fascinating. I giggled when my name came up.

Twerrible Towel


Anyway, come back tomorrow for a complete retrospective of pictures over the past five years in Steelers gear. Exciting stuff, let me tell you!


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13 Replies to “Getting Ready for Another Steelers Super Bowl”

  1. The towel wave thing made me giggle! You can also make what I call Idunnos with the leftover almond bark. Super easy and the boys can help. You make Ritz cracker and peanut butter sandwiches and then dip them in the melted almond bark. Super Yummy and Super Easy! Have fun at the party.

  2. Oh well, have fun while it lasts. I am a football junkie and in Packer Country, an area well known for trash talking – just usually south of the border, with Da Bear fans. My husband made sure not to trade for the game – and will actually get to watch it.

    We are looking forward to the game. Have fun! GO PACK GO!

  3. Well judging by all the goodies being brought, it seems like the game will be fun no matter who wins. (But since I have no allegiances, I do hope that your team wins :P)

  4. Note to self…find Ravens coloring page for Robbie since I don’t think he’ll color a Steeler. Just kidding–I am looking forward to this even if my team isn’t there! But, my kids still may be dressed in purple on Sunday! 14 kids, huh? Yikes!

    1. LOL. The ColorMeGood site has the Ravens logo.

      That said, we’re always in Steelers gear, whether it’s a Steelers Super Bowl or not. I wouldn’t expect any less from you guys. But we definitely need pictures in our gear. :)

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