Weekly Favorites: February 27, 2011

The sun is shining and it will hit 55 degrees today. I feel like I should be wearing flip flops. Not really. But really. Instead, I might just wear my rainboots and hit the gym after soccer. Not because I am hardcore. I just really want to eat the first recipe below for dinner. I’m pretty sure it requires a pre-and-post workout.

Recipes That Made My Mouth Water:

Fire/EMS Blog Posts That I Particularly Enjoyed or Think You Should Read:

  • What Gives by Sarah at Scriberson 365. Just in case you wondered what it looks like when a fire spouse endures a 48 alone. My house definitely looked like this yesterday evening before I whipped it into shape before bed. Glad someone else in the fire family could be honest about it!
  • Black Helmet Giveaway by Hydrantgirl. Black Helmet Apparel is the only company FireDad really likes for fire service t-shirts. Because they’re not corny. I swear I entered, even though it seems as though comments haven’t been approved yet. You should go enter. For me? Sure! Thanks!
  • Several Videos of FDNY in Action This Past Week by Rhett at The Fire Critic. A post about the Newsworking channel on YouTube which features coverage of FDNY in action. I subscribed to the channel. You should too!

Photo Blog Posts that Inspired Me:

  • Camp Shuttersisters at Shutter Sisters. Man. The amazing women behind Shutter Sisters, one of my favorite sites, are sponsoring a photography camp/getaway/awesome event. It’s being held in October in California. Registration opens soon, but I’m pretty sure I can’t swing two trips to California in one year. I’m sad, but I had to share it with my readers. Someone needs to go for me!
  • Tamron Contest at MCP Actions. A Tamron lens giveaway. ‘Nuff said.
  • Wild Free by Michelle Black at Light Traces. Another inspirational post with a beautiful photo. I didn’t include it just because she used a picture she took in our favorite vacation spot — Emerald Isle, NC — but that didn’t hurt.

My Absolute Favorites This Week:

  • On the Women Who Don’t Survive Postpartum Depression by Katherine Stone at Postpartum Progress. Simply a must-read about PPD. I adore Katherine for all the work she does regarding the topic and fight, and this is one that needed to be written — and read.
  • Letters to Miss Britt: How Do You Find the Time to Write on Multiple Blogs by Britt Reints at Mom Blog Magazine. I love how Britt puts multi-blogging in context. Sure, you may have just gotten some Amazing Gig, but if you ignore your own blog — your original platform — you’re missing out. Good perspective for myself and my other blogger/writer friends.
  • Finding a Smile Underneath by Morningside Mom. I love her perspective in this post. There are lots of little things that are or go wrong during a day or week or any given period of time. But I like her point that things are basically good as well. Plus, Ani!
  • Words Are Power by Texasebeth at My life, such as it is. Mmm. I’m on the flip side of this, but I have been learning — so much. Words have power, and even kids know it.
  • Blast from the Past by Jamie at Grumbles and Grunts. I just found her blog and subscribed immediately. I swear it wasn’t just because on her “about” page she has a photo of herself with her nose pierced (like me). It was because of this post, about a Shel Silverstein book, her photography, she’s going to BlogHer ’11 and generally seems kinda awesome. Start here and explore her archives.

A Few of My Favorite Photos This Week:

Bed Head

LittleBrother needs a haircut. He wakes up with Green Day hair.

Natural Lace


I still don’t know how this happens.

Monster Cupcakes

My friend’s son turned four. The Monster Cupcakes were a hit with my boys.

I also enjoyed both of the self-portraits (1, 2) that I took for Picture Inspiration this week. They’re both at my photoblog.

Hopefully this week is a good one. Last week was busy — and snowy — and I’m looking forward to warmer temperatures even if it does mean rain, rain and more rain. I’m telling you, spring isn’t far off. I mean, really, it’s about 22 days away. But sooner would be better. Right? Quite honestly, I’m ready to say goodbye to February. Funny how the shortest month of the year is quite honestly the worst.


Shop LuLaRoe

Shift Mashup, The First

Our fire department has experienced some changes over the past few months. There have been a few retirements, the promotion test and subsequent passing by FireDad. As such, some shifts have been moved around as happens when people come and go within the department.

As a fire spouse, I get nervous when changes to shifts come down the line. For six years, I have trusted FireDad’s shift mates to keep him safe. I know them. I know their families. I trust them with my husband’s life. That’s kind of big and scary to say, to put your partner’s life in someone else’s hands. But that’s what time does; you learn to trust the people your partner works with just as you learn to trust your own spouse to not be a total nitwit inside a fire. It’s a part of growth in the fire department.

This is my first shift mashup. I like that: Shift Mashup. It’s the new technical term. Embrace it.

But, yes, it’s my first Shift Mashup. One firefighter moved shifts a few weeks ago. On Tuesday, a different firefighter will move onto FireDad’s shift. I knew that things would be changing, but I didn’t realize that I was holding some anxiety about the changes somewhere within my body. I let go of all that anxiety the other day when I learned who would be moving onto FireDad’s shift.


He was in our wedding. I already trust him with FireDad’s life.

It’s not that I wouldn’t have trusted any of the other number of firefighters who could have been moved into that spot. But I know this firefighter. I know his family, his son. I trusted him not to be a buffoon at our wedding, and I trust that he won’t do anything too risky or stupid inside a fire. Where it would have taken me awhile to get used to someone new-new, I am automatically at ease with this Shift Mashup. FireDad is pleased as now he’s on the same shift with two of his best friends.

The Three Amigos (or Stooges, ahem), together at last.


They won’t always be this easy; I know that. But I’m pleased and not worried. I’ll take it.