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Eat Live Be: Biggest Challenge

Eat Live BeIt’s Monday. And after last night’s football game, despite my absolute joy in the outcome, I’m feeling it. This week’s theme is: What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

The obvious answer is: Myself.

I decided that after five days of two workouts per day, I would allow myself a day and a half off. Meaning I wasn’t going to do any workouts on Friday (though I did take the kids sled riding which must account for something, right) and then, on Saturday, I was going to do a very easy yoga workout. And on Sunday, I’d get back into my groove. Except Saturday came and I went out with friends instead of working out… and ate way too much. And then Sunday came and I really just felt like relaxing (and taking the boys to their first soccer practice of the year) rather than working out… and ate way too much.

So now it’s been three days. And I haven’t done anything. And let’s not even talk about the portion sizes from the past three days, okay?

So, yes, I’m my own biggest challenge. I’m working on it — on myself — as best I can.

I don’t quite know if this is weigh-in week or if it’s next week. The good news is that I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m down two pounds (-2 total) since we started four weeks ago. The bad news is that I find that number completely and utterly frustrating. Granted, if I hadn’t been a complete waste of space this weekend, it might have been different. But now I’m frustrated and want to quit. See? My own biggest challenge = me. Sigh.

Don’t forget to visit the Eat Live Be Facebook page and check out the other participants. Maybe they’re more inspirational this week. I sure hope so.

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7 replies on “Eat Live Be: Biggest Challenge”

I am right there with you. I had a great week of exercise and did pretty well with eating, but haven’t seen movement on the scale. I’m really frustrated. My only beacon of hope is that my very stable weighted husband gained weight according to our old scale, so MAYBE it’s off. I’m going to buy a new one for this week’s weigh-in and am clinging to that little bit of hope. I know it all takes time, but I worked really hard this week, I really like to see that it made a difference!

As for staying motivated, the only thing that got me to the Y on Friday was making plans to meet a friend. I met and have been talking to her at our daughter’s dance class and she offered to go to yoga with me. It was a double bonus, since I got to know her better while working out on the elliptical and I think she has the potential to become a real friend (something I find difficult to develop) and her exercise goals are really similar to mine. She’s been at it for about 6 mons and has slowly lost 25 lbs. That’s a little bit of hopefulness too!

I’ll be wishing you success this week. Have a good one!

I’m not officially participating in the challenge, but I wanted to let you know that you are inspiring me to keep pushing myself and finding ways to get fit in spite of the temporary (?) setback of my kidney stones. You’ll get stronger. Keep at it, girl!

We all slip now and again. This week, I made the giant mistake of going out to lunch with my husband and overeating. What’s worse is that I was eating salad — but it turned out to be like the worst (as in calories and fat) salad ever. Who knew? I ate (ahem) four servings … and found out days about the nutritionals. Eekkk.

But today is a new day, and we can make all the right choices. RIght?

Double day workouts … you are a maniac! We all have bad days. Tomorrow is a new day and it sounds like youhave the determination in you (double days!) to make new habits stick. Hang in there.

I TOTALLY feel your frustration. After I ate a few too thousand mint chocolate chips the other day, I refuse to step on the scale. I’m trying to have a few good days before i convince myself to get on. Sigh.

This week is gonna be a good one though! I’m trying to work on not letting past choices influence my present. Gotta move forward and be better today!

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