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Firefighter Mike Urban’s Helmet Has Been Returned

I hate reporting bad news. It’s not fun. There’s so much bad news in the world on a daily, minute-to-minute basis. But this morning I have good news.

Firefighter Mike Urban’s helmet has been returned to his widow.

I hadn’t yet pulled up any news page to see if there was any further news on the story. Instead, someone who works at the local news station in Framingham took time to comment on my post and let me know that it had been returned. Turns out that he’s also a firefighter. I told you that there is a family in the fire service; we all care for one another.

I read the article and, of course, got a little weepy.

Her husband’s helmet had protected him – at least from physical objects – and “Now, hopefully, it will protect me the rest of my life,” Urban told the cameras. “I can’t hold him anymore, but I can hold onto the helmet.”

I said much the same on Friday. My heart is so relieved that she now has his helmet. The article went on to talk about the Fire Chief, Lance Benjamino, used the return of the helmet to teach his son that some things in life are priceless. And it’s true.

I find it incredibly interesting that the award money wasn’t used. An “anonymous tipster” called in to say that it was behind the station in a backpack (that was also stolen with the helmet) on Friday evening. The fact that the money wasn’t used makes me wonder. Did the thief return the helmet, feeling guilty after all the news coverage? Did the thief’s significant other or mom or grandpa do it? Or was it someone else entirely that tracked it down? It’s interesting. Interest aside, I’m just glad it is home.

I hope that Maureen Urban and her daughters — now in their 20’s — can begin to work through their grief and healing and the messy art of losing someone you love so dearly. It touched me when the article mentioned that Urban’s daughters used to pose in his helmet when they came to the fire station.

A Spin on a T-ball Helmet

I think we all have a few (or more) photos like those in our albums.

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I’m so glad you posted this! What wonderful news. I have to say I teared up a little. I’m so glad that family has closure now…

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