Eat Live Be: Favorite Change? I Hate Change!

Eat Live BeIt’s Monday again? Ugh. We spent last week supremely under the weather with what I called the Viral Ick. I don’t even remember much of last week.

This week we are supposed to talk about Our Favorite Healthy Change. I laughed. I hate change. I’m no good at it. I dig my heels in. I might whine. (I do.) I like things to be the way they are… even when they aren’t working.

But in the spirit of Big Changes, I’ll think about it.

To be fair, I’ve been living kind of healthy, minus last year’s slip-slide into the holidays, for awhile now. But I have made a change that is working for me and that I kind of like. Actually scheduling in my workout time means that I workout. Who knew? Minus last week when the Viral Ick crept through our house, downing each and every one of us. I only worked out once, but I’m 100% okay with that. I ate well — when I could — and I will not feel guilty about resting to let my body heal. Hopefully this week as we all begin to get better, I will get my 3:00pm workout in along with a morning workout with a friend three days per week. Hopefully. We all need to get fully better first! (Note: Today is a bust. I STILL can’t breathe. And, again, that’s okay. The not exercising part, not the not breathing part.)


Another great change? Well, it’s half inspired by a post Melissa Ford made on BlogHer last year and half inspired by this challenge. And HGTV. You see, on weekend days, I watch HGTV while I lounge about. Sometimes it inspires me to clean, even when I’m sick. Yesterday I de-cluttered our kitchen, including the cabinet above our sink which holds all those one-purpose-only things. I decided we could do without something — our deep fryer. To be fair to us, we haven’t used it in nearly three years. But it’s there, it’s taking up space and it is a temptation. Until yesterday. In its place? My cookbooks! Or, some of them. The rest are all on our shelves in my office. But now they can go here! WOO!

So, two great changes. Whew. That’s enough talk about change. Back to normal.

Next week is official Weigh In Week, being the first Monday of the month. I will attempt to step on the scale, but it’s a bad week for me to think about weighing in do to cycle related bloat. The truth is that I am currently down three pounds (-3 total) right now (the most recent pound likely due to the aforementioned Viral Ick) and I won’t be next Monday. And that’s okay. I know my body. Life will return to normal shortly thereafter and I’ll be back where I am right now. However, if I’m grumpy next week, please point me to this paragraph. Thanks.

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Weekly Favorites: January 30, 2011

Starting a new weekly series in which I link you to some of my favorite stuff from the week. Not every favorite will be included, but I’ll try and hit some great stuff. I’ll also include a few of my favorite photos from the week for a Two-Birds-with-One-Stone kind of efficiency post.

Recipes That Made My Mouth Water:

Fire/EMS Blog Posts That I Particularly Enjoyed or Think You Should Read:

Photo Blog Posts that Inspired Me:

  • An Idea at Blue Lily Blog by Wendy and Tyler. Those photos of Nie‘s family are just absolutely stunning. Technically and artistically both. As an aside, the post announces that they have finalized their US Tour. They will be in Pittsburgh on October 30th (which is a Sunday, so if your neighborhood messes with trick-or-treating, beware) and Columbus on November 2nd. If you want some crazy amazing family pics, sign up soon. Limited space.
  • Something I’m Learning at Light Traces by Michelle Black. This was from last week (I was behind on reading) and there aren’t actually any photos in this post, but it is, most definitely, inspiring.

My Ultimate Favorites of the Week:

A note: This is not about favorites. If you aren’t on my weekly list, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like what you wrote. I will try to keep diversity in this list as well. Sometimes certain things just move me more than others. Also, look for categories to change at will. Because I can.

And now for:

A Few of my Favorite Photos this Week:

I’ve been trying to capture an icicle in this manner for awhile. Finally! This made it into my 365 Favorites set.


This one also made it in my 365 Favorites set. Look for my review of Laurie Berkner’s show soon!

Alexis' Birthday Party
Flowers at Alexis’ birthday party at Burgh Baby‘s house. I went with black and white again because I was feeling it this week. Not in the favorites set, but I do like it.

Here’s hoping that this coming week sees an end to the Viral Ick that has been creeping our house, some more great reads and some great photos as well. As I have a new lens coming in, I’d bet on it!

Lastly: Please share a link to either a favorite post that you wrote or read this week and/or a link to the favorite photo you took this week. I want to read and see things outside of what I am currently experiencing via feed reader. Enlighten me and share with others!