Reading Goals, 2011

Like every year, I have some reading goals for 2011.

1) I’d like to read more than this year, which topped out at 64. Not my best reading year but not my worst either (both worst years coming in at the year after each boy was born).

2) Keep my Goodreads account updated. No. Really. I say it every year. Maybe I’ll do it this year! Basically I get to mid-year/mid-summer, find myself without Internet access while camping and forget that Goodreads exists until about October. I’m awesome. But, feel free to add me and help me stay accountable.

3) Participate in a few actual challenges. Those being:

  • The 2011 Young Adult Reading Challenge. I read more YA last year than the year before and decided that I really liked where YA authors nowadays are going with things. So this challenge is a natural extension of my reading. I’m only going for the 20 book challenge as I’m participating in other challenges as well. I think 20 YA books would make me happy. If you have any must-read suggestions in this category, let me know!
  • The Memorable Memoirs Challenge. Mmm, I love memoirs, so it’s likely a cheat to join this challenge, but the number of memoirs I read in 2010 dropped. I want the number to go up this year, hence the challenge. What’s your favorite memoir?
  • And, of course, the Adoption Reading Challenge. I’m hosting that over at Chronicles. I’m going for the 20 level, which means I’m reading 10 non-fiction and 10 fiction books that revolve around adoption. I’m most excited to read Jessica Lost: A Story of Birth, Adoption & The Meaning of Motherhood by Bunny Crumpacker and Jil Picariello, but it doesn’t come out until May 3. I’m pre-ordering though!

4) Be smarter about requesting books from the library. Like sassymonkey said, it’s not that I want to avoid requesting books, but sometimes I get request happy and everything comes in at once and I PANIC! Sometimes it’s not my fault: It can takes weeks or months for books to come in if they’re overly popular. But sometimes it’s just my happy-request-finger.

5) Read the books that I bought in 2010 and didn’t read. Whoops.


6) I have other interests that I want to make sure make their way into my reading (adoption, firefighting, photography, writing, bloggers’ books — especially bloggers’ books and why isn’t there a bloggers’ book challenge?, and so on). This is not a specific “challenge” but more of a mental note to keep my own personal interests above the interests of, say, best seller lists and, you know, Oprah.

7) I’ll also be participating in the BlogHer book club which will give me a book a month to read and think about and generally enjoy with other book-loving people. Hooray!

8 ) As per usual, I want to add to the boys’ ever-growing library. BigBrother has made a decisive trend toward science related books this year, so I hope to get him some great children’s non-fiction as well as some fiction that talks about science. Have you learned about the Dr. Seuss Learning Library yet? I’m in love, as is BigBrother. LittleBrother is still in a big fire truck phase, so we’ll be adding more of those as well. Of course.

9) Try to read some more books written by… uh… men. It’s never been a conscious thing. I’ve never purposefully engaged in penis embargo readership. But as I gravitate toward books about women, pregnancy, adoption, fertility and the like, I don’t always catch male writers. I’ll make a better effort this year.

10) And lastly, enjoy reading. Sometimes I get bogged down with reading because of the pressure I place on myself to read, read, read. That’s ridiculous. I’m tossing that aside this year.

What are your reading goals for 2011? Are you joining any reading challenges? If you’d like to join my Adoption Reading Challenge, that would be swell!


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20 Replies to “Reading Goals, 2011”

  1. I want all those Dr Seuss learning library books for my classroom! they’re a bit hard for kinder/first grade tho. Definitely cool, I have a few.

    I think you’ve read a ton of books this year! I’ve only read 50 so far (was pretty lazy at the beginning of the year, tho I’m catching up now).

    1. They are fantastic. Obviously a bit hard for those just learning to read, but I’m so glad to have discovered them! BB wanted a book about bones, so we grabbed Inside Your Outside and I fell in love with it when it arrived, so I had my mom grab more for their Christmas presents. Heh.

  2. The library system I work for has a way of suspending book requests until a certain date. You may want to see if yours does the same thing. It’s quite handy for getting books one at a time (or however you want them) and not getting overwhelmed. I use it all the time! :)

  3. I have many of the same issues as you! I think you peeked into my brain and reading habits at some point. I do seriously need to sit down and think about my reading for 2011. It’s something I haven’t ever done before but I like the concept.

  4. I just downloaded a bunch of Nook Books – purely for escape purposes., as well as “I Love a Fire Fighter: What the Family Needs to Know” and a few things for my classroom.

  5. Your comment about reading female authored books made me think … my 2010 library was mainly female, but it was not a conscious decision. Interesting nonetheless.

  6. I really like the idea of the YA challenge. I used to feel a bit silly about counting them towards reading goals, but I have to say, some of the best books I read this past year were YA. Specifically those written by John Green. They’ve also made me realize that books don’t have to be super complicated and super long to be powerful. In JG’s “Looking For Alaska”, I laughed out loud and gasped and cried between the covers, and it left me thinking about life long after I’d finished it. I think I’ll join this challenge for 2011 :)

  7. There IS a bloggers’ book challenge, of sorts! I’m starting the second year of the Blogging Authors Reading Project – it’s ongoing and pretty informal, but it does have its own button, so it counts :-). I’d be glad to have your company! I’m also doing the Memorable Memoirs Challenge (for the second time).

    I’m posting my 2010 reading stats next week, but I skewed heavily toward women authors as well. I’m OK with the imbalance, though :-)

  8. I’m the same way with requests from the library, which also includes DVDs & CDs. The worst is requesting new/popular books, not having time to finish it & having to request it all over again!

  9. I came across your blog and I’m so glad and flattered that you’re excited to read our book, Jessica Lost. I feel like I’ve been working on it forever, like the world’s longest gestation period. Your blog is really interesting and I’m glad I found it. And I’m super impressed by your 64-book reading record for this year. I only made it to about 50. And you write, photograph, and, most of all, have two young kids? I can’t imagine how you did it. Good luck to you and good wishes for a happy, healthy new year. I hope you like the book — and please let me know what you think about it if you can.
    Jil Picariello

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