Our Letters to Santa

Yesterday we started our Advent activities by writing letters to Santa. It was really a great time. I am aware of what Advent means. I’ve already been schooled on the real meaning of Christmas by my three year old. But we’re allowed to have fun and participate in/make our own traditions. So, letter writing it was.

The boys were excited to open the envelope.


Envelope 1

LittleBrother with the Envelope

Write Letters to Santa

I gave them each a sheet of paper. If I was awesome, I would have had Christmas themed paper, but I started my day at 3:50am yesterday when FireDad was called out on a fire. I couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m lucky I was functioning enough to remember to open the first envelope!

I helped LittleBrother write his letter.

LB's Letter

“Santa, I want a fire truck and an orange car.”

Someday these kids will realize that they can ask for “big” things. Anyway, he’s also getting the magical gift of a new bed on Christmas morning. I love that magic moment. I can still see my little brother’s face that Christmas morning years ago. And, by far, BigBrother’s awe of Santa’s amazing magic that Christmas morning is my favorite Christmas memory thus far.


BigBrother’s letter is equally small, but awesome like he is.

BB's Letter

“Santa, I want a Lightning McQueen monster truck.”

I will ignore the fact that my oldest son only asked for one gift that is less than $20 (which I didn’t know really existed for two weeks after he started asking for it and was beginning to panic about how I would make his Christmas wish come true until I finally looked on Amazon yesterday afternoon) and instead focus on the fact that he wrote that letter all by himself. I dictated letters, though he helped with words he could sound out, but let’s face it, I know adults that can’t spell the word lightning properly. Also note the comma and period. Is it obvious his mama is an editor? (He wrote them himself, but I told him where they went.) Beyond my pride in that letter, he was proud. REALLY proud. Despite making leaps and bounds with reading,  I don’t think he realized he could write like that.

He also wrote on the front of his envelope. And drew Santa. With a beard-goatee-thing.

BB's envelope


After we finished, BigBrother asked me what Santa’s address is. I made something up out of thin air. He wanted the zip code. Oh dear. I made something up again, and I could tell he thought I was lying. Yikes. This morning, the envelopes were “mysteriously” missing from the table. BigBrother asked if I mailed them to Santa. I told him that I found the real address over night and mailed them to Santa in the North Pole. He seemed to accept that answer. Today we’re going to visit Santa at the mall. I hope BigBrother doesn’t ask Santa for his address.

The boys loved opening the first envelope. I won’t be detailing each and every activity we do this month (though I will share some), but I had to share that it was simply a success. LittleBrother is already excited that he gets to pull the paper out of the second envelope today.

I’m just excited to keep my chin up and shoulders back. I can do this.

[Psst: I’m participating in Picture the Holidays (by Tracey Clark) over on my photography blog. If you enjoy photography and need a challenge to keep your head on straight this month, I encourage you to sign up before the class closes on the 8th.)]


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13 Replies to “Our Letters to Santa”

  1. Charlie noticed the Mater Monster Truck at Walmart the other day and that got added to his list. I’ll have to check Amazon. We’ll be working on writing his letter this weekend. Very good penmanship by BB!

    1. At first, all I could find was the small Frightening McMean monster truck/car that’s the size of the die cast cars but with big wheels. I was like, “You can’t ONLY ask for a small car!” Then I finally realized he meant the big one. Do they make a big Mater, too? I also ordered the smaller cars for stocking stuffers. They are kind of fun.

  2. America doesn’t have an address to send letters to Santa??? I can still remember writing “Santa Claus, The North Pole, Canada H0H 0H0” on the envelope when I was a kid.

    Anyway, those letters are really cute, and Big Brother did such an amazing job with his :)

    1. LOL. My friend Sassymonkey emailed me after she read this post, laughing and included the same address. She’s (obviously) Canadian, too. Apparently Canadians are better at Santa than we are?

      I was able to find a website that has an “address” for Santa in the US, but it’s crazy 1999 HTML, filled with typos and totally wants me to send them cash. Thanks, but no thanks!

  3. This is adorable, and I hope that I remember to do stuff like this when the twins are old enough. Santa’s zip (for future reference), has to be North Pole, AK 99705. On another note, our mutual friend from HS, Nicole, lived in Fairbanks, AK for three years and actually sent me a Christmas card postmarked from the North Pole. I thought that was the coolest thing ever!

  4. Great work writing Nick!

    We’re getting ready to write E’s letter to Santa tonight. And since we’re in Canada, you already know where we’ll be mailing it!

  5. I love your idea for the advent activities! I’ve been looking for ideas to do during the weekends, but this is so much better. I’m glad I found your site. Those letters are adorable. I just love how little guys always squeeze the last letter in. I’m not sure if it’s too late, but the address to mail them to santa is: 1 Santa Claus Lane, North Pole AK 99705-9901. There used to be people who answered kids letters, but a few years ago it was stopped. I’m actually giving free letters from Santa with north pole postmarks until midnight tonight (the promotion’s been on since Thanksgiving), if anyone’s interested. I’m a writer and send them to my kids, nieces, nephews and cousins, so I figured why not sell them. No one was buying, so I gave them away. I already had them done, so why not, it’s Christmas. :) Thank you again for the great advent activities idea!

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