Fire Tree, 2010

We decorated the inside of the house on Friday. I haven’t actually purchased any new decorations yet this year, though I’m on the lookout for a new wreath for the kitchen. Of course, the focal point of our decorations would be our tree, which we fondly refer to as the Fire Tree in this house.

We have a few new ornaments this year. Some were received as gifts last Christmas and I grabbed two off eBay in the post-Christmas ornament purge last year. (Tip: Seriously. Keep an eye on eBay for ornaments in the two weeks post-holidays. Great prices on new and classic ornaments of all styles!)

Here are our new fire ornaments.

Santa & a Cat

This ornament makes me laugh. Over the past few months, the Munchkin and a twitter friend both asked if firefighters really rescue cats. Apparently this Santa firefighter does, with a candy cane ladder no less. FireDad raised an eyebrow at this particular ornament when I pointed it out this year. I just smiled. This was an eBay find after Christmas last year. He’s currently residing center, mid-tree. (Hallmark, 2004.)

Matchbox Fire Truck


This double ornament is a little gem of win, if I do say so myself. The Matchbox truck came inside the little matchbox box! How fun. Another eBay find. I hung this one near FireDad’s side of the tree, near another bigger Hallmark fire truck ornament. (Hallmark, 2002.)

Annual Ornament

The annual ornament from Robert’s Fire Catalog is a given. I don’t know why I wrap one every year for FireDad. It’s not as if he doesn’t know that he’s getting one. In fact, I think he’d be suspicious and/or worried if he didn’t receive our annual ornament. The 2009 fire truck ball ornament featured a ladder truck from Boston.

My favorite firefighter ornament remains our Fire Santa.

Fire Santa

I figure we’ll get some new ornaments this year. I may or may not have found a Snoopy firefighter ornament on eBay already that is making its way here. (Snoopy! I couldn’t resist!) I’m pretty sure that my friendly local Hallmark ladies tracked down this year’s annual fire truck even though it was sold out of the store in October. (So grateful to them!) I’m sure friends and family will gift us with a few others as well. And, yes, I’ll be stalking eBay after Christmas for some good fire deals.


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  1. I love the new ornaments!

    Charlie picks out a Hallmark ornament every year. This year he chose the Hallmark Fire Engine #8 in the series. He keeps pushing the tiny button to make the headlights glow.

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