Happy Thanksgiving

We are so thankful this year. Well, we’re thankful every year. But this year my heart is just very full. Mainly because these two little boys aren’t just two little boys.

Pilgrim & Indian

They’re brothers.


We’re thankful for our families. Our jobs. Our friends. Our home. Our coffee (I’m honest). Our food. We’re also thankful for the laughter in our home, some of which is brought about by this guy.

That said, the boys alternated, one after the other, saying “gobble” the whole way to my in laws’ house today. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that moment is over. Ahem.

We’re also thankful for the fire department, our second family, where FireDad is celebrating today. We’ll see him later.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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4 Replies to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Really, Fire Family, I seriously think you ordered those two precious boys straight from the pages of some sort of Norman Rockwell catalog!

    Many Thanksgiving blessings to you and your good family!

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