Planning a Fire Truck or Firefighter Birthday Party: Games

This week I’ll be giving you insight into how to plan a fire truck or firefighter themed birthday party. You know, since I am.

I hate birthday party games. And shower games. I also hate Candy Land. I’m a party pooper. Sue me. That said, we will be playing two semi-tolerable games at our fire truck birthday party.

Pin the Tail on the Dalmatian

I thought I was super smart in coming up with this idea. Turns out I wasn’t. It’s on every fire truck, fire engine, firefighter and random dog birthday party game idea list ever written. However, it’s still a cute idea. And because it’s a) easy, b) cute and c) not overly annoying, we’re doing it.

I got the template for the dalmatian body and tails from Birthday In a Box (both .pdf files). I printed them out on our printer. Because I printed on flimsy regular paper, I glued them to foam (craft store), cut them out and now they’re studier. In fact, I think we’ll save this for future use. I don’t know if we’ll have another fire truck party as I feel my days of helping choose themes are drawing to a quick and emotional end, but hey, someone I know is getting a fire truck bedroom overhaul for Christmas. Instant wall art.

To play the game, we’ll put fire dog ears (oh yeah) on the child who is taking his/her turn, blindfold them, spin them around a few times and push them (gently) in the direction of the dog’s butt. Cue parental amusement. Winner is obviously the closest to where the tail actually goes.


Find the Fire Hydrant

Cut out fire hydrants on red (or yellow or whatever color you choose) construction paper. (Here’s a .pdf template.)Before the guests arrive, place them all over your party space. Have them line the walkway or stairway into the house or party area. Place them under tables, in easy-to-find hiding spots and in a couple higher spots for any older children.

To start the game, explain that when there is a fire, firefighters have to find a fire hydrant to hook up the hose in order to get water to put out the fire. I may cue them to make fire sirens while they are on their hunt because it will make for a good video even if I’ll be deaf for two days. Pairing up older children with the youngest will assure that everyone gets at least one fire hydrant. (Cut out three to four times the number of fire hydrants to children attending.) The winner is the one with the most fire hydrants.

As an aside, I swiped and changed this idea from a friend who did this game with bananas for her daughter’s monkey party. Kudos to one of the many Mandys in my life.

And that’s it. That’s all I can handle. We’ll all be deaf after the fire hydrant game anyway, so that should probably be the end of it.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about gift bags for guests. Which probably means I should make final decisions on that and, you know, order things. Oops again.


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7 Replies to “Planning a Fire Truck or Firefighter Birthday Party: Games”

  1. I love party games, but only fun ones, laid back! I’m having a fire truck come out to the party, but I also want to do some fun ones. i was thinking “pin the dalmation on the fire truck”. Or “who can fill up the bucket first with water with a hose”. Yeah. I’m lame too. ugh.

    Oh wait! I did have a good idea: paint big boxes red like a firetruck and cut out so the kids can walk in them / with them. Then have firetruck races! FUN! This requires a lot of pre-work. We’ll see if it makes the cut.

    1. We can’t be outside this time of year. I mean, we are this week with random heat wave. But it will be gone by this Sunday. Potential snow next weekend. No water and such. And again, I don’t think we can get the fire truck. Professional fire departments don’t really do that kind of stuff around here. But it’s okay. We’ll have enough firefighters AT the party. heh

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