Family Portraits 2010: Fall Love

I shared the fire specific family photos with you on Friday. I adore them and will likely buy them all.

Of course, we needed our regular family photo too. I took the advice of various photo-bloggers, fashion bloggers and friends and didn’t go for the full on matchy-matchy clothing choices. Don’t get me wrong: I like matching. I do. We’re never going to be wearing random outfits in an official family portrait. But I went a different route than in years past.

I actually went shopping with a color palette in mind. I wanted grays and burgundy with appropriate accent colors. I accidentally found myself in the Gymboree outlet store and we ended up with a color palette on the other end of the spectrum: browns, oranges and khakis with some light blue thrown in for good measure. Not at all what I was expecting. But it turned out well.


See that photo? See my kids looking at the camera? And my hair being curly? And my husband playing along for good measure? Yep. That’s what I wanted.

Gymboree is nice for planning a non-matchy-match but still complementary color palette for the kiddos. I happened to hit the outlet during a big sale to boot. I saved lots of money. I suggest going that route as regular Gymboree prices, however cute, make me twitchy. I found my top and pants (Lee, no gap waistband, omgwonderful) at the Vanity Fair outlet. FireDad’s shirt came from the Old Navy outlet. Yay outlets!


Also, I may have bribed my children to look at the camera. BigBrother, having put up with me for almost five years, is a pro when it comes to looking at the camera and smiling. LittleBrother, being almost three, is in a, “I AM LOOKING,” but he’s not really looking at the camera phase. Knowing that, I hit up Big Lots and grabbed a Wii game for $10. I didn’t tell them what the game was, so I’m sure they were expecting the new Toy Story 3 game, but they were happy with the (older) Cars Mater-National game. But, yes, bribery worked.






And, of course, I wanted a good photo of the two of us lovebirds. I was not disappointed.


I’m now currently trying to decide which sizes to buy, what ones are a definite must have and which ones to buy for various family members. I don’t mind shelling out money for family portraits though some people do. That’s the photographer in me. Photos mean so much to me, and I’m thankful my husband understands that (even though he really doesn’t like getting his picture taken).

But even he has to admit, this memory was worth the wearing of khaki pants on a Sunday afternoon.


Thank you, Heather.


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7 Replies to “Family Portraits 2010: Fall Love”

  1. The photos turned out absolutely amazing! I love the coordinated but not matching look.

    BTW, I recently figured out a new trick for getting Alexis to look directly at the camera. She noticed that she can see my eye through the lens when the light and angle is right, so now I tell her to try to see if she can find my eyeball. Sometimes she can and sometimes she can’t, but it makes for a fun little game.

  2. I am in love with the picture of the boys back to back. They have spectacular smiles. I shall have to remember the bribery route when I decide to get my little ones in for picture time. My oldest is becoming fond of pulling his ears out and making monkey face. Cute, but not for portraits!

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