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The Joy of a Firefighter

BigBrother had a field trip to the fire department with his preschool class this past Friday. I know. Like he’s never been there, right? We had a talk with him the night before about the importance of behaving, sticking with his classmates and listening to what was being said by the firefighters and his teachers.

I tagged along on my first field trip ever. I was nervous about how BigBrother would act, mainly because it’s his “turf.” I was pleasantly surprised and very proud of my little firefighter. FireDad was as well. Speaking of FireDad, watching him give the speech about smoke detectors (you checked your batteries, right?) was the first time I got to listen to him speak. I was proud of him, too.

The highlight of the trip, however, was the children getting to squirt water out of the fire hose. Despite having been to the fire department nearly once a week for five years, BigBrother has never gotten to use the fire hose. He was, well, I’ll let you guess his emotions.



Yeah, just a bit excited. A few more, because they’re too fun not to share.





This experience may have pushed him over the edge with the wanting to be a firefighter thing. Of course, when FireDad viewed these pictures, he admitted that he occasionally still feels the same way when he gets to play with the fire hose, too.

I’m only sad that I didn’t get a chance to spray it. Then again, I kind of loved capturing the joy of a firefighter with my lens. Maybe it’s meant to be this way.

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I was thinking about it, though I wasn’t sure which one(s). I also took a few the other night for what I thought was going to be their birthday invites, but I’m retaking with different shirts later this week. Those will also (likely) be frameable because I found a cute spot at the FD that I hadn’t previously utilized.

This are GREAT pictures, and what awesome emotion!! I just love it!! …and really want to try out the firehose too… And I checked the smoked detectors when I changed the clocks forward, and will check them again when we fall back. *salute* Keep up the great photography!!!

Priceless! You must frame these. Get them printed as a collage if need be. Bought new batteries but didn’t get them put in yet. That is on today’s list. We were out of town this weekend is my excuse.

OK, I don’t even know your family, and the thousands of miles that separate us make it unlikely that I ever will. But those pictures? I tell ya, I’ve got tears in my eyes as if that was my own grandchild! Both your boys just seem to embody the essence of “little boyhood”. I can see them in a Norman Rockwell picture, or a commercial from the 60’s, just as well as in your contemporary blog. You are so fortunate to be able to capture that essence on “film”. Truly. those pictures? Priceless!

You’re the best commenter ever. I hope the boys are enjoying their childhood. And I hope to capture enough for them to ‘remember’ the things that they don’t quite. That’s one of my mommy-goals. And thank you so much.

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