Trick-or-Treating 2010, Take 1

Trick-or-treating last night went better than expected, considering LittleBrother had an ear infection and it was crazy windy/cold. I learned our lesson last year, and we took the wagon with us. Good thing, too.

LittleBrother hit one house.

LB trickortreating

And one more. And then a big wind blew, turned his Alien head sideways on his head and he was done. He rode in the wagon for the rest of the trip. We occasionally had to turn his Alien head the right way when we would hear his little voice, “I can’t see.”

One Down

BigBrother, however, was a pro, made evident by this Super Serious Trick-or-Treating Face.

Serious Business


He made it three quarters of the way around the big, big loop this year, running to keep up with an almost seven year old girl friend of ours. He only made it half way last year before he started whining, so this was a great improvement. Plus, the wagon! Win. We got lots of compliments on his costume. And a lot of “Where’s Waldo?! THERE HE IS!” comments.

Two Down

He had a great time. I think LittleBrother did too, despite the ear infection woes. BigBrother offered to share his candy, since LittleBrother only got candy from people close to the road as we was riding wagon style. One gentleman accused of “spoiling” him. Hi, he’s sick. Plus, it’s Halloween. Why not spoil them just a bit? Plus, shut up. Plus, look at them.


In other Halloween-but-not-totally-related-news, our friend dressed up as Michael Myers and then freaking chased me with a scraping pitch fork. I was displeased. But the photo is ten kinds of awesome.


We’ll be trick-or-treating again on Sunday. You know. Halloween. Hopefully it’s a good time as well.


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Pumpkin Cupcakes on Not-Yet-Halloween

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Pumpkin Cupcakes


These cupcakes were a hit tonight. I am not, however, good with the flipping icing piping bag. I may have cussed. Perhaps I need more practice, but I never, ever, ever want to do it again. What am I doing wrong?

All the same, these cupcakes are Martha Stewart cupcakes. And they are good. The recipe is on her website. I obviously left out the cinnamon and the all spice. I simply bumped up the nutmeg a bit.

Trick-or-treating went well this evening despite some tired kids and an ear infection. I’ll explain more about that tomorrow. For now, I’m going to eat another cupcake, hopefully leaving enough for coffee with friends in the morning.

Happy not-yet-Halloween!