Fire Truck Shirts: FOUND!

Gymboree Fire Hat

Remember when I asked where all the fire truck shirts have gone? Not only did I get some answers and in-store spottings from my readers, but apparently someone was listening.

1. Gymboree Fire HatGymboree just released a new line called Fire Truck Chief in both baby boys (3M-5T) and big boys (3-12 years). My good friend Ceece sent me a preview link and word that the line would go live today. I checked it out and, oh dear, I’m in ten different kinds of love. The little boys have some way cute “must haves,” like this suspender shirt and this adorable hat. The big boys’ stuff isn’t as “cutesy,” but it’s way fun as well. I think BigBrother might need this fire helmet fleece hoodie and a hat of his own. In case you were wondering, they already own some fire truck underoos from Gymboree, but not this print. I’ll wait for a week or two to see if prices drop, but not too long. I’m not missing these! (As a hint, I’ll also be watching Crazy 8, owned by Gymboree, to see if they release a similar line soon. And watching RetailMeNot for coupon codes. Of course!)

2. Kohl’s does have a fire truck striped long-sleeved t-shirt. It’s actually rather decent looking, and I’ll be purchasing it in-store if it’s there when we stop tomorrow. I like that it’s black (despite that black fades just as horribly as navy blue) mainly because so many of our firefighter shirts are navy blue.


3. Not quite a shirt, but Zulily has a firefighter uniform costume today. They had fire boots the other day, too. In addition to that fire truck bedding, I really can’t say anything bad about them. They even contacted me to let me know about the fire costume today. Customer service makes me happy. And a repeat customer.

I’m hopeful that some other brands will see that Gymboree jumped aboard the fire truck theme and release their own (uh, better priced?) options sometime in the winter clothing months.

And, no, I would venture to guess that this isn’t the post you expected from me today. I’m too exhausted to address the events of last night and this morning. The good news is that FireDad is currently home, safe and sound, sleeping it off in our bed. The boys are under orders to “keep it down” so “daddy can rest.” They’re actually listening for once.


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It’s Hard to Be a Firefighter in This Heat

It’s 95 degrees. And it’s fall. And I’m grumpy about it.

Still, LittleBrother is deep in the throes of the costume phase. After lunch today, he asked to put on his firefighter costume. We obliged, used to the multiple costume changes everyday. BigBrother went through a similar phase. It’s really an easy way to let them explore their imaginations… and keep them happy.

He played for awhile in his costume, helmet included.


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And then he said, “My head’s all sweaty!” He took off his helmet and proved that he’s a real firefighter.

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So, yes, the temperature could go back down any time now. Even with the air conditioning (ugh) on, it’s warm in our house today. We’re done with summer. Bring on fall. If only so LittleBrother doesn’t dehydrate while fighting imaginary fires.