It’s Hard to Be a Firefighter in This Heat

It’s 95 degrees. And it’s fall. And I’m grumpy about it.

Still, LittleBrother is deep in the throes of the costume phase. After lunch today, he asked to put on his firefighter costume. We obliged, used to the multiple costume changes everyday. BigBrother went through a similar phase. It’s really an easy way to let them explore their imaginations… and keep them happy.

He played for awhile in his costume, helmet included.

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And then he said, “My head’s all sweaty!” He took off his helmet and proved that he’s a real firefighter.

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So, yes, the temperature could go back down any time now. Even with the air conditioning (ugh) on, it’s warm in our house today. We’re done with summer. Bring on fall. If only so LittleBrother doesn’t dehydrate while fighting imaginary fires.


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