Black Eyes

It happened again this morning while running errands with both boys in tow. Someone asked it.

Oh, LittleBrother, how did you get those black eyes?

They’re not black eyes. If I had a nickle for every time I have explained LittleBrother’s eyes, I could have put them in a college fund for the kid and he’d have no financial worries when it came to his future education. As such, I am writing this post and will put it on a business card with a shortened URL so that when people ask him how he got black eyes, I can just hand it out and be done with it, thus saving my breath. (**)

LittleBrother does not have black eyes. LittleBrother:

  • is extremely pale;
  • has his dad’s eye shape, which includes a puffy like bulge of skin underneath;
  • is so extremely pale that the vein under his eye is visible in said bulge of skin.

He has always looked this way, folks.

Right out of the womb? Bulgy skin.

Big Eyes

Three months old? Amusing, but still with the bags and the purple.

Funniest Face Ever

Happy as a clam at almost five months. Bags.

He Likes Me ... Sometimes

They are more evident when he is not smiling, like here at just over one year of age. The purple vein is very evident as this is mid-winter, thus leaving him even paler than usual.


Earlier this summer at two-and-a-half? Still the same.


And in case you wonder where he got them, view my (hot) husband last Thanksgiving. Really? When I first met FireDad, I wondered why he always had purple under his eyes. He doesn’t. He’s just equally pale with an awesome eye shape.


So, no, we do not box LittleBrother’s eyes. Yes, he and his brother roughhouse, but they’ve yet to give one another a black eye. Yes, he gets more than enough sleep. The kid sleeps 12-13 hours at night with a two hour nap (most days) in the afternoon. Oh yeah, sleep is his thing. He’s not tired. He doesn’t have black eyes. He has pale skin, beautiful eyes and we love him oh-so-very-much.

Hollow Rock 2010

[** = Not really. But I’m tempted. Also, nickles please.]

[$100 GAP Gift Card? Win it.]

15 replies on “Black Eyes”

Beautiful pale skin indeed! I’m sorry people jump to stupid conclusions. I have similar issues. I almost always have dark circles, thankfully didn’t get my dad’s bags, but they still look like I never sleep. I also tend to get bruises just from rubbing against something too hard, which is also annoying.

Good luck with that one. Have you noticed Alexis’ bangs cover her birthmark? It’s not because it bothers her. It’s not because it bothers me. It’s because the question, “Oh, did you fall down and bump your head?” makes me all sorts of stabbity. And sporky. And irritable.

In other words, I feel your pain.

Goofy people. Little brother looks perfectly handsome and not black-eyeish at all.

@Burgh Baby my oldest son has a red birthmark right in the middle of his forehead and I got that all the time when he was little – actually he’s 13 now and people still ask him about it all the time. “What did you bump your head on?” It bothered him when he was little, he didn’t like the extra attention because he was shy, but now he just says “nothing” and goes on with his day.

Don’t be too hard on the people who don’t know LittleBrother who make comments, innocently. I know the woman who prompted this blog and she would cry if she knew about this. I will never tell her. I get the same thing, at least once a week, FROM MY HUSBAND who still cannot understand my eye bags and dark circles are hereditary (my grandmother’s are very bad). Of course I do not get enough sleep and do not sunbathe and have allergies and the such. Not all people who observe our children and comment lightly bear malice. And, I’m still married … LOL

I know she didn’t mean harm. We just got the question 3985905 times while camping this year and again over the weekend. BAH!

That said, I’ve never noticed your eye bags and dark circles, Lisa! Now I have to look. But I won’t say anything.

And hooray for still being married!

Maybe we can have multiple Tshirts made (in different fun colors) that say, “HEY MORONS: These are my normal eyes and they’re not black. If you ask about it, my mom will have to cut you.” (Or something along those lines. Feel free to steal it…)

I’m realizing that I had never noticed the coloring under his eyes! Such beautiful eyes that they are!

I get the “Wow, his hair is so white!” all the time. What do I say to that? “Yup.” Even my hubby’s brother and sister said something the other day. Seriously! How to respond?

BTW, that newborn picture is to die for! He’s so alert!

I hadn’t even noticed even with all of the pics you share of your beautiful boys. I have the dark perma-marks under my eyes, too. When someone asks what happened, I tell them I’m a delicate flower – and then they laugh at me instead. :)

Hmm… pale skin and purple shadows under the eyes… you sure your son isn’t some sort of half-human, half-sparkly-vampire? ;)

Pale skin always shows undertones more than other skin tones. My Mom has a problem with eye bags and when doing research for her I found a few useful sites. One in particular gave a good explanation for dark circles and bags and what causes it. The site is and was informative. If I’m not supposed to post a link I apologize, I wont be offended if you remove it. Just to be clear, I’m not recommending that a child use this..LOL.

OMG! Too funny about the vampire comment!

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