As I mentioned yesterday, LittleBrother has been experiencing his first-ever “class” scenario. It’s an hour and a half of songs, stories and crafts. And other kids.

The latter being the kicker.


LittleBrother is a social dude. His “awkward-hide-behind-Mommy’s-skirt” phase pales in comparison to how BigBrother refused to socialize at the same age. He likes other people, especially other kids. But his interaction with large numbers of other children are limited to an hour at the YMCA (er, “The Y”) child care (seven kids max). Even our church’s child care is limited in numbers right now. So while LittleBrother loves kids, he’s never really been in a setting where there were lots and lots of kids. (At the beginning of the week, one class featured 12 boys and 6 girls. Numbers have continued to rise as the week has gone on.)

Things have gone extremely well for both boys. Until yesterday.

Due to the size of the class, they have separated the kids by age when it comes time for crafts. The younger kids need more help and sit at one table, while the older kids who need less help sit at another table. This means that BigBrother and LittleBrother are, woe, separated. Of course, they’ll be separated by classrooms this fall in preschool, so it had to happen at some point. I’m not overly concerned, but I didn’t know how LittleBrother might respond. His brother has always been there, for better or worse. Back to craft time yesterday…


Someone spilled water on LittleBrother’s Toy Story sandals. Despite my repeated explanations that water doesn’t hurt, LittleBrother freaks out about spilled water. Especially on him. And apparently especially on his beloved sandals. So, he cried.

Now, remember, I’m not in class, too. The following happened organically.

BigBrother walked over to LittleBrother, took his cheeks in his hands (which we call “cheeky-cheeks”), gave him a hug and kiss and told him that it would be okay. And LittleBrother stopped crying.

Pardon me while I melt. And then pardon me while I attempt to figure out why they can’t act like that at home.

Brothers Walking to Class

I am so, so, so, so glad they have each other. (And yes, I will remind them of this story forever.)


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8 Replies to “Brothers”

  1. And that is why I love age 4: the compassion, the authentic kindness, the everything. Not that age 3 and under encompasses less of that — just, you know. You have two sweet young men there, and I’m sure LittleBrother will outgrow that sensitivity to water. As for the scores of other kids, it took Max a good while to get used to that, thanks to the Y and a church child care. Just don’t ask me why he screamed for five seconds upon arriving at the Y this morning.

    So awesome. These are the moments you just want to put in a box and save for all time. Good job, Mamma.

  2. That is so sweet!

    A few months back, I was yelling for Cameron because dinner was ready. He would not come. I got so frustrated and went looking for him to stick him in time out. I found him standing next to the changing table with his arms out (in catcher mode) as Spencer stood on top of it. I melted. Instead of time out, he got hugs and kisses!

  3. Ah, brothers. We have so many times of bickering, fighting, arguing, shouting, etc. But then there are the touching times, the loving times, the good times…and the bad times go away. What a wonderful story about your sweet boys! And what great pictures (as usual!).

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