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Too Young

I had a big whiny post written about not being packed for our camp trip (which we leave for at 8:00am tomorrow) and my overwhelming work schedule and how the rain made my hair frizzy and how I’m going to put a crap ton of miles on our vehicles in the next eleven days and other such ranty things.

And then I learned that a friend I graduated from high school with had a stroke.

We are 29 years old.

She’s a mom. And she has no feeling in her right arm still nor is she out of the woods regarding risk for another one. As another friend from our class said, “We’re too young for this.” We are. Or are we? I don’t know.

I’m reminded of Anissa, which gives me hope.

I’m also keenly reminded of our humanity, our mortality. Our children.

I’m going to go pack, without complaining. I’m going to finish cleaning up the messes I made today, without complaining. I’m going to finish up my work, pack up the computer and do so with a grateful heart. I’m also going to keep Jessica in my thoughts and prayers. If you can, I ask that you do the same.

Because, really, we are all too young to consider leaving our babies behind.

[This news has made tomorrow’s do-goodery in Pittsburgh take a different spin for me. I hope you’ll join the lot of us at the Science Center at 11am.]

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My closest friend in the world died in a freak car accident at the age of 29, only one month shy of 30. He left behind a beautiful 11 month old daughter that he loved more than anything else on this earth. Yes, WE ARE TOO YOUNG FOR THIS. My thoughts of love and healing to your friend and her family.

And also my thoughts of love to you, as you deal with the reality of this situation. *hugs*
Do have fun camping! :-)

Wow. I am the same age. We are too young. This hit home for me too. Thanks for posting. Keeping you and your friend’s family in my thoughts & prayers.

Have a relaxing trip

I’m glad you changed your mindset. I appreciate your blog. I have found other bloggers to be inspiring. Following the link, I just finished reading Anissa’s husband’s blog and learned that their story began in 2006 when their child was diagnosed with leukemia. The lessons keep on coming … seems every day I find another reason to remember too how blessed I am. Enjoy your change of scenery this week and love the ones your with.

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