Happy Father’s Day

Oh, gosh. It’s so hard for me to keep a secret. It’s even harder for BigBrother to keep one but I’d like to say that we all made it through the week without spilling the beans. Or the candy, as it were. We took this idea from AlphaMom, originally found at Living Locurto, and made FireDad a super hero box. It’s filled with X-ray Vision Drops, Hero Juice, a Secret Identity Bar and other great little bits of awesomeness.

Hero Box

BigBrother and LittleBrother helped purchase everything, some of which came from Hobby Lobby, some of which came from Kroger. I also learned that you have to be eighteen to purchase spray glue. Yes, I got carded. Yes, I’m proud of that fact. The boys helped cut out the labels, printed on our snazzy Kodak printer. They also helped me glue the paper towel to my thumbnail. Win.

FireDad liked it.



He’s been nomming on some X-Ray Vision Drops (lemon drops) and shooting me suggestive glances for the past half hour. I’m deeply amused.

I attempted to get a good photo of FireDad with TheBrothers but it didn’t quite work.


Then again, I think that’s absolutely hilarious. It’s a keeper.

Happy Father’s Day.


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