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Accidental Fire Schedule Win

Yesterday. Oh, yesterday.

Yesterday was one of those days in which I wished FireDad worked a normal 9-5 job. I just kept looking at the door, at the clock, at the ceiling, at the wall and hoping he would magically appear. He did not. In fact, yesterday was one of those days in which I wish I worked a normal 9-5 job. I don’t. He doesn’t. Life goes on. Mostly.

The boys weren’t bad. They argued, though not over the TV and, really, not more than usual. It was just the non-stop, “Mommy. Mommy? Mommy! MOMMY!” All. Day. Long. I thought about changing my name. At one point, I told them that Mommy wasn’t here. They just kind of blinked at me.

They got a checker stuck in the Connect 4 game. They lost a ball under the futon in their playroom. They couldn’t open the Duplo box. Where is the Toy Story 3 book? Can we color? But I wanted the blue crayon! I don’t want to eat that for lunch. I don’t want to eat that for supper. I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. Oh, I spilled water all over the library book we just got today.

Mommy. Mommy? Mommy! MOMMY!

Can we go to the fire department?

We sure as heck can, my sons.

Before we did that, however, I decided that I needed a little breathing room. I was tense. I was out of patience. They were restless. I took them to our local track where I run. I forgot my earbuds. I almost cried. So, I did my couch to 5k training without earbuds while they walk-ran the track as well. BigBrother did three whole laps and a bunch of 100m back and forth sprints. At one point he was playing Mario Kart. At another he was Lightning McQueen. Whatever works. LittleBrother did one whole lap and then preferred if I stayed in the 100m area, so I ran back and forth a lot.

It saved my day. They laughed. I laughed. No one argued. Minimal whining. Renewed sense of energy and patience.

And then we went to the fire department where they shared some of daddy’s dinner and some Popcicles. I sat and smiled for a bit while snapping some pictures, calm enough to focus again.

Popcicles at the Fire Station


Our bedtime routine went as well as it normally does. BigBrother, exhausted from running over a mile with his sprints included, fell asleep immediately. LittleBrother took awhile, one time calling me in his room to say, “I’m tired.” I sat down on the couch after they fell asleep and the dishes were done and thought about the day. I had been so exasperated at one point that I cried. A few times. And if FireDad had come home at 5:30, I would have gone for a run myself. Instead, I found something new that we can do together. I managed to get past one of those awful moments of anxiety and exhaustion and helped us get through the  rest of our day.

If he would have come home at 5:30, I would have felt like yesterday was a complete wash, one of those Fail Days that happen to us as parents. Instead, I feel like yesterday, while mildly annoying at some points, was a grand success. Just another one of those times where the fire schedule works for us as a family, even if it was totally accidental.

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Well congrats to you for finding something that works. When I was little I begged, and begged, and begged to go up to the station every single time my dad was working. Mom worked it into my evening routine every third day. Don’t know how far away the station is for you (it was a convenient four minutes for us).

Oh, those days! I know them well! Actually, today is one of them! (My hubby is on a business trip until NEXT Friday afternoon. UGH!) I love how you included them in your run. That’s a GREAT idea! I’m thinking of getting my kids on their bikes while I run around the neighborhood. Glad you found some sanity, and brought yourself back to you.

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