Wordless Wednesday: T-Ball Pics at the Fire Station

With the T-ball Player Himself

With the T-ball Player Himself


A Different Kind of T-ball Helmet

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I Have Become My Father (or, No TV Week!)

Against the judgment of other people, the boys have a TV in their playroom. It is a small television set with a built in VHS that I took with me to college back in the day. We have the DVD player hooked up to it but no dish/cable connection. It is strictly for movie watching. Most of the time, even if it is on, they are busy playing firefighter (if they’re watching their firefighter DVD) or train conductor (Thomas, obviously) or super heroes (The Incredibles or Toy Story). They’re normally really good about choosing one DVD in the morning.

Normally. Today was not one of those days.

They argued. They came halfway upstairs to plead their case to me, wanting me to choose one side or another. I told them that they were going to have to work it out because we don’t argue about TV. We just don’t. Just like we don’t whine about it. They went downstairs. They argued some more, again pleading for me to step in. I warned them that if they didn’t stop fighting over the television, I would take away their privileges for said TV for the rest of the day. The fighting escalated.

That’s enough, guys. Turn off the TV and the DVD player. You have lost privileges for the day.”

BigBrother yelled at me, “NO! It’s OUR TV!

Like heck it is!

I walked down the steps, turned off the power buttons, unplugged the TV from the wall, unplugged the DVD player from the TV and carried it by its handle (I said it was small) into the storage room in our basement. Upon entering the playroom again, I said, “No, it’s my TV. You are allowed to use it when you use it properly. You have lost TV privileges for the week.”


Upon uttering that sentence, I became my father.

I wasn’t the best at keeping my room clean as a teenager. I was busy, involved in everything from musical theater to sports to academic games. My lack of room organization drove my parents absolutely insane. My father would threaten me: “If you don’t clean your room, I’m going to take a trash bag in there and throw out everything on the floor.” To which I would reply, “It’s MY room.” To which he would reply, “Like heck it is! This is MY house. You are using MY room.” He didn’t say heck.

I swore I would never be that parent.

But, man, we’re not going to argue over television in this household. And we’re not going to leave clothes all over the floor. Or toys. Or even books. And, ohmygoodness, we’re not going to yell at mommy or daddy and/or have a sense of entitlement. Because my head might explode. And, really, I understand what he was saying so much better now. It’s really not a horrible parent to be, the one who works hard to ensure that the children are raised with an understanding and respect for people and things. So maybe it’s okay that I have become my father.

BigBrother ZOMG!

LittleBrother SQUEE!

As long as I don’t grow his mustache.

Fire Helmet on Our Window

I’ve cleaned the windows we bought last year a few times in 2010. They’re so easy to clean. Tip in windows are where it’s at, I’m telling you. What I have not cleaned, however, is the back door glass. To be fair to our family, FireDad did clean it once, just after the weather warmed up enough to let us open the screened portion of the window. But grimy little hands paw at the downed glass when it is shut for five days straight thanks to rain, rain and more rain. As such, the glass gets kind of messy.

I looked across the room this morning to find that my little firefighters are making themselves artistically known on my windows.

Fire Helmet Mess


No, really. I see a fire helmet there. Don’t you? Let me illustrate.


I’m funny.

I think I’ll leave it there for a little while. It adds something firefighter-esque to the house, don’t you think?