I Have Become My Father (or, No TV Week!)

Against the judgment of other people, the boys have a TV in their playroom. It is a small television set with a built in VHS that I took with me to college back in the day. We have the DVD player hooked up to it but no dish/cable connection. It is strictly for movie watching. Most of the time, even if it is on, they are busy playing firefighter (if they’re watching their firefighter DVD) or train conductor (Thomas, obviously) or super heroes (The Incredibles or Toy Story). They’re normally really good about choosing one DVD in the morning.

Normally. Today was not one of those days.

They argued. They came halfway upstairs to plead their case to me, wanting me to choose one side or another. I told them that they were going to have to work it out because we don’t argue about TV. We just don’t. Just like we don’t whine about it. They went downstairs. They argued some more, again pleading for me to step in. I warned them that if they didn’t stop fighting over the television, I would take away their privileges for said TV for the rest of the day. The fighting escalated.

That’s enough, guys. Turn off the TV and the DVD player. You have lost privileges for the day.”

BigBrother yelled at me, “NO! It’s OUR TV!

Like heck it is!

I walked down the steps, turned off the power buttons, unplugged the TV from the wall, unplugged the DVD player from the TV and carried it by its handle (I said it was small) into the storage room in our basement. Upon entering the playroom again, I said, “No, it’s my TV. You are allowed to use it when you use it properly. You have lost TV privileges for the week.”


Upon uttering that sentence, I became my father.

I wasn’t the best at keeping my room clean as a teenager. I was busy, involved in everything from musical theater to sports to academic games. My lack of room organization drove my parents absolutely insane. My father would threaten me: “If you don’t clean your room, I’m going to take a trash bag in there and throw out everything on the floor.” To which I would reply, “It’s MY room.” To which he would reply, “Like heck it is! This is MY house. You are using MY room.” He didn’t say heck.

I swore I would never be that parent.

But, man, we’re not going to argue over television in this household. And we’re not going to leave clothes all over the floor. Or toys. Or even books. And, ohmygoodness, we’re not going to yell at mommy or daddy and/or have a sense of entitlement. Because my head might explode. And, really, I understand what he was saying so much better now. It’s really not a horrible parent to be, the one who works hard to ensure that the children are raised with an understanding and respect for people and things. So maybe it’s okay that I have become my father.

BigBrother ZOMG!

LittleBrother SQUEE!

As long as I don’t grow his mustache.


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8 Replies to “I Have Become My Father (or, No TV Week!)”

  1. Yeah, you would look funny with a mustache. ;-)

    Alexis has learned (the hard way) that even thinking about something related to the TV is a Very Bad Idea. She doesn’t have her own anywhere in the house, but if she expects to get to watch the one in the family room, she best keep her little sassy mouth under control. The husband is the one who gets the maddest when she ruins it for everybody, though. It kind of cracks me up to watch him suffer when he doesn’t get to watch Hannah Montana.
    .-= Burgh Baby´s last blog ..I May Not Need to Eat Again for at Least a Week =-.

  2. Love this! I’m my Dad all the time. Which is funny, because we didn’t get along very well when I was a kid/teenager. He passed away 5 years ago, and I still find myself turning into him at every step. I just wish I could call him up and say, hey, remember how you didn’t want me to watch talk shows like Sally Jesse Raphael? Yeah, thanks, that was a good call. :)

  3. That’s a lesson we all need to learn, but boy that doesn’t ease the sting when you’re the kiddo. At least your kids will usually work it out amongst themselves – my Gracie is a relentless negotiator and poor Bee will take anything her big sister gives her! Evening things up a little without looking like I’m stepping in? Not that easy.
    .-= Katie in MA´s last blog ..What I came home to. =-.

  4. Oh mine are good at fighting sometimes. The babies really have no “working it out skills” yet what with them being one and all. So sometimes the fights get pretty rough. We are oddballs who do more or less no tv. So they do not fight over the tv but that is pretty much irrelevant. It seems to me that being “that parent” is exactly what was called for. And I kind of like seeing people I love and admire in myself. :)
    .-= Upstatemomof3´s last blog ..Books, Books And More Books =-.

    1. Now that it’s summer(ish), they really have only watched TV in the morning when the grass is still too dewy. You know, on the days we don’t have 3985954 other plans. I just get sucked into the TV black hole in the winter. I should work on that next year. Also? The whining for TV this morning lasted about 10 minutes. They’ve been golden all day. Even got BB to nap. WIN!

      1. I did not mean that to imply there is anything wrong with letting them watch tv. I mean it when i say we are oddballs – I really think my husband and I are looney for being the way we are with the tv. I cannot wait until we decide they are all old enough to watch it regularly – do you know how much easier my mornings will be? :)
        .-= Upstatemomof3´s last blog ..Books, Books And More Books =-.

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