Starting Off Our Summer Break

Yesterday’s last day of school extravaganza went well. Despite my Mommy Nostalgia that my oldest boy grew so much in one school year, we really had a nice day.

The crafts for BigBrother’s teachers were finished and wrapped in time to be taken to school in the morning. I originally found the craft idea at Living Locurto which linked me to a post at Testosterone Times Three. I got the square shadowbox frames at Walmart ($8) and already had one pack of new crayons so I just grabbed one more pack of 24 count Crayola crayons ($1.31) and a bottle of craft glue ($1.30). I did all of the cutting myself with my big butcher knife. BigBrother helped me with some gluing after I figured out the template. I let them dry overnight. His teachers loved them and they are hanging them in the classroom. I’ll show them again because this Non-Crafty Mom feels pretty darn proud of herself.


When BigBrother got home from school, he got to open his presents. I normally do a puzzle and a book but had been wanting to do a game this year as they’re big into board games and the like this year. They’ve been playing Connect 4 at my mother-in-law’s house for the past few months and so I thought I’d grab it for our house seeing as how they love it. My last minute procrastination paid off as when I stopped to pick it up they had the Toy Story 3 version! Now, two weeks ago, they didn’t have that version in the store as I had price checked the game that week. If we had already owned Connect 4, I wouldn’t be buying a new favorite-movie themed one but seeing as how I was buying it anyway, I couldn’t resist! It was a big, big hit. His favorite game and Toy Story? Mommy win.



The book that he got was also of the Toy Story variety and I’ll have a rant about that tomorrow.

We also had rainbow tie-dye cupcakes to celebrate a year of fantastic learning and growth and a kick off to our Super Summer! Instead of making my normal rainbow cake, I decided to make some rainbow cupcakes. I also decided to go with pre-packaged cake mix again due to the last minute nature of everything. I separated the mix into five bowls and LittleBrother helped me color each bowl a different color: red, blue, yellow, green and violet. I put a spoonful of each color in the cupcake wrapper, leaving them uneven and kind of “messy” for my taste. Topped off with red, we put them in the oven. As per usual, I used Wilton icing dye to get the bright colors. Out of the oven they looked perfect.

Out of the Oven

And the boys loved them.

Messy Mouth

Cupcake Mustache

And I sacrificed not one but two in the name of art again.

Cupcake Bokeh

Wrapper Love

Basically, it was a great day for us. In fact, the boys had such a lovely day, despite the rain, that they went straight to sleep and started off our Super Summer on a fabulous note and slept clear until 7:40 this morning. I think that deserves celebration with another cupcake, don’t you agree?

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Love this post! From start to finish. Smiling kids faces are sure-fire (ohhh, an unanticipated fire pun!) winners, but smeared with colorful cupcake goo puts those over the top. The cupcake on the fencepost though? A totally outstanding photo!!!

I think after those AWESOME teacher gifts, tye-dye cuppa-cakes and pretty, pretty photos, you never get to call yourself un-crafty again. The most I’ll allow is selectively crafty. :-)


I stole the rainbow cake idea (as you know) earlier this year and now I’m taking the crayon idea as well! I have TONS of boxes of crayons (I buy them in September when they are 10 cents a box (!) and use them for other craft things like melting them into shapes and all) but this one is new to me and PERFECT timing for the end of Maeve’s preschool session. She graduates next month on my birthday (so it’s a shared celebration) and will be wearing a little cap and gown (can you believe that???) and these are sweet to give to her teachers.

Thanks much for sharing … BUT I have a couple questions: you said a shadowbox, the original post by someone else says she used a frame — now that you’ve done it, does it have to be a shadowbox for some reason or can it be a frame sans the glass? Also, did you just use white paper as the background and handwrite the teacher’s name or print something out from the computer?

And I’m with Katie in MA — no more talk about not being crafty! This post just outed you…

Adorable! (Not just the crafty idea, but those Big Boys of yours!!!!)


PS — Please email when you can, as per your note on FB — my interest is piqued…
.-= Gretchen´s last blog ..Roots and Wings =-.

I suppose you could use a regular frame. I liked the idea of it being behind glass to protect it from curious fingers (they’re hanging it in their classroom) and such. I used white poster board to glue the crayons to so that it wouldn’t pucker with the glue and so that it was strong enough to hold the weight. You’d be surprised how heavy it is! And I hand-wrote their names.


Love the artwork, that would make an awesome teacher gift! I might just have to “steal” that gift idea! When crayons go on clearance I will snap some up!

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