Cards for All of My Children

I’ve been spending a lot of time in our local Hallmark. Between our three family deaths, a plethora of pregnancy announcements, four birthdays in April, three in May, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, well, I’ve been in and out of the store with frequency. As an added bonus, one of our local firefighter wives works there and we exchange good conversation on my many trips.

Every time I have come and gone as of late, I have been buying up the new Kids Collection cards. They are adorable. And I’ve needed them for years. I went in today to grab a birthday card for a friend and also grabbed some Father’s Day cards before I stopped to grab a card for BigBrother’s end-of-school-year present. (See panic yesterday.) I found him the perfect card.

The front reads, “Your style is fun. Your brain is smart. Your smile is big, And so’s your heart…” And on the inside it says, “Our pride in you is off the chart.” Collective “aww” now. It’s perfect. Dr. Seuss and talk of brains and a big heart and fun and pride. It’s everything I needed in a card to celebrate how well he did this year, how much he grew and changed and learned and developed.

The many cards offered are what I’ve been needing for years. There’s been a lack of cards for kids that say anything about missing you. I mean, after all, why would a parent send a card to a child about missing them? Or they were too specific for my situation, never just an “I love you lots,” kind of card. I grabbed one for the Munchkin that talks about pride (to be sent for her upcoming dance recital) and another one that is oh-so-perfect as well.


Front: Always Always Always Always. Inside: Remember You Are Loved.

I found the press release to be interesting. The line of cards was made with input from moms, grandmas and kids after a survey showed that kids don’t always remember how much encouragement their parents give them over the years. FireDad is evidence of that; anytime his mom says, “Do you remember,” his answer is no. There’s no guarantee that cards will make the kids remember but I like the concept.

“This new line of cards and gifts is meant to help parents and grandparents make their encouraging words stick,” notes Sarah Mueller, a card writer who worked on the line. “They provide little reminders that you are rooting for them all the time.”

I’m going to be frequenting Hallmark to grab these cards every now and then. Really, I’d love if someone sent me some! They’re adorable! That said, I had an emotional breakdown in the Father’s Day cards followed by laughing out loud at the birthday cards. Hallmark makes me all sorts of emotional.

All I know is that I’m excited for the last day of school to get here now because I’m ready! Teachers’ presents! Card! Cupcakes! Gift(s) (game & book)! HOORAY!

[Disclosure: I received nothing for this post. In fact, the amount of money I spent in Hallmark today assures that this post was written of my own free will. Mmm, Hallmark.]

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I love going to Hallmark with my mom (and no kids) we can laugh and read cards for the longest time. A fun place to shop for sure! I have bought some of the kid’s cards and like them as well!

I’ve seen the commercials for these cards but it never clicked that they might have a card I could send to Kidlet. I’ve beens ending cards for all secular holidays (rather than risking any slight or offense due to our different religions) but have been looking for some appropriate “Just Because” cards. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Hallmark in the near future, Thanks for the heads up!

Apparently, I’m about 12 years old, because when I was reading that first card, I kept waiting for the line that ended with “fart.” *sigh*

I was in Hallmark for a Mother’s day and birthday card for my mom and I totally cried in the store. I’m not a huge crier-at-cards-or-commercials gal either. Unfortunately my Hallmark has tons and TONS of breakable stuff in it and I spend more time saying things like “don’t touch that!” and “please come HERE” than looking at cards.
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