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I figure it’s my birthday week and I can talk about what I like more than what these kids like or that husband likes and so on. Today? Photography!

The Camera

In early March, I purchased a Nikon d90 and I have been getting used to it over the past month and a half. I use the d200 for work and I figured that they would be, at the very least, comparable. Cameras are weird. The d90 is far more compact which means that some of the functions are hidden within different menus and buttons. It took me far too long to figure out how to select my focal point. (Who knew that reading a manual could be so beneficial? Also, does that count as one of my books of the year?) The truth is that I’m loving it for many reasons: performs well in low-light situations, low noise, great zoom in function on preview to make sure the picture I just took is in focus (whereas the d200 only zooms in 1 step, the d90 keeps on zooming in) and other features that I keep learning about as the weeks march on. To be honest, I haven’t played much with the video function since my first post but I promise to soon.

The Bag

As for getting around, I’m adoring my Belle bag from Epiphanie.

Epiphanie Bag, Belle

Unlike some reviews regarding Lola, the red bag, I can open this bag with one hand, grab my camera out of its compartment and snap away. I love that and it’s important for me as I’m also usually wrangling children while trying to take pictures. I am using Belle as my personal camera bag/purse and I have another bag sitting at the top of the steps ready with my work camera. (It is not an Epiphanie bag though it would make me happy if I had the brown one, Ginger, for work. Maybe someday.) What I love about the bag is that everything I need fits in it.

Let’s take a look.

Inside my Bag

That would be my d90 camera sans-lens (I had to take the picture with something), my 200 zoom lens, my 17-50 lens, my speedlight, my wallet, my emergency bag (the silver bag contains everything from feminine products to Band-Aids to chap stick to Neosporin spray and so on), my big Moleskine, some papers from work, my reporter Moleskine, my iPhone, my remote and my point-and-shoot camera. Missing from this picture is a zippered pouch that holds all of my pens. It is currently in one of our vehicles as I used it yesterday.

Is my bag heavy? Well, have you ever tried to lug around any camera bag? The answer is yes. Of course, my purse was heavy back before it was padded and protected my camera stuff because I still just carried it all with me. If I attend a bridal or baby shower and they play that “Whose Purse is Heaviest” game, I always win. I love that I know that my camera parts are safer and cleaner in their compartments in this bag. The only draw back is that when my bag is stuffed as full as it can go (remove emergency bag, leave it in car, move wallet to iPhone/point-and-shoot-pouch, move iPhone and point-and-shoot to front zipper compartment and put my d200 in the center slot), the shoulder straps are just a smidge too short because of how wide the purse then gets. I can deal with that.

Also, when it’s that full I try to knock over wine displays. Just saying.

Other Accessories

You might have noticed the strap on my camera. I bought it at Phat Straps. There’s a store on etsy for premade straps and one non-etsy store where you can customize it. I customized mine after one I had seen elsewhere. Very twitter-friendly, no? Are you surprised mine has green minky (and matches the green of the inside of my bag)? Me either. I will likely be purchasing one for my work camera but need someone a little less… me.

Phat Straps

Finally, my last photography love as of late is the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone. Everyone knows that the iPhone camera is less than stellar. It’s no secret. In fact, I didn’t know until I read this post, months after having purchased my 3GS, that the iPhone camera takes the picture when you remove your finger, not when you touch the button. No wonder I had all those failed, blurry attempts. All the same, the Hipstamatic app takes your iPhone camera and makes it look better. I took the following picture while out for my run yesterday.

Hipstamatic #c25k w1d2


I’m currently researching my next lens purchase, gawking at fun things on Photojojo and continuously finding inspiration in other photographers. I’m learning new things, pushing myself to stay creative and keeping my camera in hand. I may not ever be an award winning photographer but I’m enjoying myself to no end.

And that’s what really matters.

[Disclosure: I purchased everything in this post, nothing was given with intent to review. One lens was a gift from 36balloons but that’s just because she’s nice.]

14 replies on “Photography Stuff I’m Loving”

Firemom, you need a 50mm or 35mm prime lens ( I don’t know Nikon, but I think you’re on a crop frame camera?) . Well, maybe not NEED…because it is definitely a less flexible lens, but I think every photog should have prime glass. Its the best. Really, it is.

I have a 50mm. That’s what wasn’t on my camera in the bag because I had to take the picture with some lens! I’m kind of addicted to it right now.

Point-and-shoot photography is great, too. I just came across a blog that had some great tips for photography and free editing. I should find the link for you!

I love Etsy – there are such beautiful artists on there. I love the little strap and of course that bag is beautiful. I’m always amazed at the pics people can take on their iPhones – with those phot editing apps and stuff. They always turn out nice – way better than my Blackberry photos!
.-= Momma Drama´s last blog ..My Friday was Eventful =-.

Yeah. I totally have to stay away from Etsy too much. I could spend lots and lots and lots of money AND time on that site. It’s addictive!

I really hated my iPhone camera until I downloaded that app. Now I’m super happy.

My friend (@OutnumberedMom) has the d60 and I was kind of shocked as to how different they are menu wise. I actually had to break out her book to teach her how to use her remote! Also, that friend also has Lola. You guys are photography twinkies.

But, yes, I’m glad I went with the d90. It took me forever to do my research but I have been really pleased.

Oh, how I want your career! I struggle with how to improve my photography and take it to the next level. I would love a job working at sporting events, or a job that would let me use a shmancy camera! My career as a physical therapist just doesn’t allow for that sort of thing! Any suggestions on how to improve and work toward a career freelancing?

And I sooooo love your bag! I’m wishing I had splurged when I just bought my current bag. I’ll have to put in a request for my birthday or Christmas!

oh phatstraps! Adam gets me one every christmas! and oooh the bags! I currently am using an awesome pendleton bag but I’m a sucker for having more stuff than I need! haha!

I love the color of your bag…. part of me thinks I should’ve gotten it but I do like my Lola bag too. Your bag looks less full than mine but you carry a lot of stuff too (more lenses than me I think), I wonder if it’s just the shape of my bag that makes it more awkward.

Love your minky strap btw. And the hipstamatic app, I need to play with it some more.
.-= Ari´s last blog ..three sixty five. counting on. =-.

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