(Fire) Family Movie Night: Firehouse Dog

Firehouse DogWe borrowed the movie Firehouse Dog from our local library on Friday. We haven’t done family movie night before because LittleBrother is young and his attention span is that of a young child. It varies, at best. I also know that the boys don’t focus well on movies with real people, preferring the animated Space Ranger type people over human interaction. But they’ve been on a dog kick for awhile and it’s a movie about firefighters. So I went with it.

The movie itself was cute. The story revolves around a superstar dog who falls out of a plane and is believed to have died. He lived, of course, and adopts a failing firehouse as his new home. By helping rescue another firefighter and generally being a great dog, he catches the eyes of the local media. They end up not closing down the firehouse and everyone is happy! Except for the arsonist on the loose. And the dog’s real owner who eventually tracks him down. Drama ensues for the last twenty minutes while you wait and wonder if the firebug will be caught and the dog will get to stay with the right people. Obviously, being a child’s movie, the ending is happy. But there are some moments of tense anxiety!

BigBrother was mostly enthralled by the movie. He sat with his eyes glued to the screen for a majority of the movie. He got bored with any person-to-person conversation that didn’t involve the dog doing something in the background. He didn’t quite care about the conversations between the dad (the Captain of the fire station) and the son (the main character of the movie). But, man, he loved the dog. LittleBrother liked the dog enough but cared even less about conversation. Which is mostly okay because there were a few words and phrases that made me cringe. One, “I suck,” was repeated a few times followed by “suck” over and over. I think I may have coughed. There was no outright cussing but they did use some words that we simply don’t in this house.

The fire scenes were a little intense. They didn’t seem to bother either of the boys and, really, they were absolutely enthralled during the fire scenes. BigBrother, who understood the premise of the movie, didn’t seem overly concerned when the boy was trapped in the burning building. I don’t know if he thought the dog and/or the dad would save him but he didn’t get anxious. (You know, like I did.) Perhaps it’s because they’re so used to the concepts and discussions of fire. I don’t know but, as a warning, there are some tense moments with the fire scenes. As a side warning: the movie also deals with the concept of death though no characters in the movie actively die. The death issues are from the past and involve the child’s mother and uncle.

All in all, fire family movie night was a success. I don’t think we’ll be watching Backdraft with them for a few years (understatement) but it was nice to include a little bit of firefighting in a family evening. I should note that FireDad rolled his eyes many times at the movie but was a good sport about the whole thing. Sometimes that’s what being a family is all about!

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