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I had an easier time finding Easter clothes this year, mainly because I started my search in January and made the purchases as soon as I got a coupon in February. I did, however, have to buy two pair of pants for BigBrother because of the weird sizing of Big Boy clothes. It turned out well. Getting them to smile for me, however, didn’t go so well.

Collage of Funny

The Easter baskets are ready to be filled in Pennsylvania, where we’ll be spending the holiday with my parents on The Farm. We technically spent more this year but it’s still not an overabundance. Nor did we buy any useless plastic toys or silly stuffed animals. LittleBrother is getting his first fishing pole (BigBrother already has one) and BigBrother is getting the Toy Story Wii game (that I got on super sale during an Amazon Gold Box sale). Add in a few small Toy Story things, a bit more candy than in years past (but not too much more) and some plastic eggs and we’re set in that department. I don’t think we went overboard which is always my goal with Easter. Keep it small.

We dyed eggs last night. We frequently forget to dye eggs but we remembered this year. The boys really enjoyed watching the transformation. We wrote everyone’s name on the eggs with the special magic crayon and everyone’s name came out. Except for mine. So I’m not in any of the egg dyeing pictures and I don’t have an egg with my name on it. It’s as if I don’t exist this Easter. I do. And that’s fine.

Dyeing Eggs

The Fire Department schedule worked out for us this year. FireDad is off both Saturday and Sunday so we’re able to spend the whole weekend on The Farm. It’s nice that he’ll be able to be with us not just one but both days. It will be nice to have his help wrangling two little boys who, most likely, will have too much sugar. It will be nice to sit next to him in church as our children stage-whisper, “May I have more snack,” or, “My brother is loooooking at meeeee. WOE!” We’ll look over their heads, smile at one another and enjoy our Easter Sunday as a family.

Easter Love

Happy Easter!

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Charlie wrote his name on every single egg we dyed! I wasn’t allowed to write my name according to him. He had tons of fun coloring the eggs. I’m going to try a craft this afternoon when it’s too hot to play outside. Decopauging plastic eggs (we have tons) with tissue paper & ModPodge. We shall see….

Love the matching outfits! My mom always got me & my sister matching Easter dresses when we were little.
.-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Citywide Easter Egg Trail =-.

Love all the pictures. Little boys in ties, I don’t think it gets much better.

I’m never in any of our pictures, because I’m always behind the camera. So if someone who didn’t know any better were to look through our photos, they wouldn’t even think I existed. It’s ok though, I look horrible in pictures anyways.
.-= C @ Kid Things´s last blog ..The Joe Camel of the Preschool Set =-.

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