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Wiggety Wagon? No, Just the Regular Kind.

We got a new wagon. Or, rather, we got our first wagon. After asking the question on twitter and doing some research, we went with the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon. Seat backs, seat belts, good wheels and cup holders made our decision. We got it last week and it proceeded to rain (see also: Firefighters in the Rain) non-stop. We finally had a nice day and got to give it an inaugural run. Or, uh, walk.

Why didn’t we get a wagon sooner?

Despite the fact that, between the two of them, I’m now pushing pulling twenty pounds more than last year, the wagon is five million times easier than the evil double stroller. Minus the final descent back down the hill to our lane, I didn’t struggle to pull or stop the not-so-shiny but very-very-red wagon. It hopped over curbs, big bumps in the sidewalks and a quick side-track through the grass without hesitation. No getting stuck. No cussing. The boys did occasionally bump their heads on the seat backs but they didn’t fall out, tip over or otherwise meet their demise in our wagon.

To boot, we were able to take along the boys’ water bottles. They didn’t fall out of the cup holders like they always did in the stroller. They stayed in place over bumps and around turns. They were easily reachable from each boys’ buckled in seat. I think next time I’ll also bring my water bottle so that I’m not parched in the middle of our 2.5 mile walk.

The only negative thing that I can possibly find is that LittleBrother is still a bit too short to hike his leg up over the side and get in on his own. That is a very minor inconvenience that will likely remedy itself by the end of this summer. As such, that barely makes a blip on the complaint radar.

I’m very pleased.

Boys in a Wagon

And it looks like they might be as well.

[Disclosure: Link to wagon is through Amazon Associates but we bought the wagon with our hard-earned money!]

6 replies on “Wiggety Wagon? No, Just the Regular Kind.”

My friends have the same wagon and love it! We have a step 2 version and while it is okay, it is very noisy and I wish I had bought the Radio Flyer one instead.

Have fun with your new wagon and your boys are, as always, too cute!

So much fun!! Walking/wagoning sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. (Hopefully there are more sunny days soon…) And the photo is adorable. BigBrother looks like he’s ready to snap some pictures of his own. ;-)

We still have our little tykes wagon that seats 2 with the leg room. It doesn’t have belts (but they didn’t back when we got it) but it does have door which is super nice when you have 5 kids under 6 at your house while doing daycare. It used to have a trailer as well, but years of (ab)use has left it with a bent axel.

Enjoy your wagon I am sure it will get plenty of great use as ours has seen over 10 years worth.
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