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My Own Boots

LittleBrother has a pair of yellow rubber boots that match his fire costume. In fact, he’s been wearing them everywhere as of late. I’m not really that picky about what he wears and if letting him sport some fire boots will avoid a Terrible Twos Tantrum and let us get out the door on time, I’m all for it. BigBrother has a fancy pair of black and yellow fire boots, complete with the pull on handle, that go with his fire costume. He wears his less in public but has been known to don them with his cape so that he can be a true Super Hero. FireDad obviously has his own pair of fire boots, tucked into his turnout gear at work.

Well, darn it, I wanted some boots, too.

My New Wellies

I don’t think they quite go with any fire uniform but they do look rather smashing, no?

Who wants to go puddle jumping with me?

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