A New Outlook on Life

Way back before I accepted my part-time photographer job, I had been researching cameras again. I had been using the Canon XT since early 2006. I was ready for something new. I had almost finished my research, deciding to go with the Fancy Pants new Canon T1i. Then the photography job came along and Nikon entered my life. I had to weigh pros and cons, redo all of my research and save up the money. Again.

I’m now officially a Nikon girl. Don’t hate me.

I went with the Nikon D90. I’m using the D200 for work. I didn’t figure buying a D300 for personal use made much sense since the differences between the two were minimal. After much research and some help from @36balloons (also known as Heather Kennedy, one of my photography inspirations), I went with the D90 for various reasons.

Reasons include preset settings that the D200 doesn’t have. I work in manual mode a lot nowadays but, man, sometimes presets are nice, aren’t they? If you have kids, you know what I mean.

Another reason? Video.

Yeah, yeah. I have a Flip. Yes, I love it. Yes, it has its place. As an example, I’m not going to lug the D90 down to the beach and risk sand in all sorts of no-good places just to take some beach video on our vacation this year. But now I don’t have to know where my Flip is at all times. I won’t use the video feature on the D90 a whole lot, I imagine. It’s just a nice feature. Plus, when I race out the door to go shoot a fire, now I can grab a bit of video footage which I normally can’t do because I never remember to grab the Flip when I’m rushing in such a way! Fire bonus!

And then, really, Heather gave me a whole bunch of differences between the D300 (which is enough like the D200 to count) and the D90 and I thought it would just be the perfect addition to my camera arsenal. The differences are visible to me already in small things. I’m sure I’ll be learning more about it over the next few weeks. I have my eyes on one lens, am considering another and will be purchasing an epiphanie bag as my personal purse/camera bag in the near future (even though they’re still on back order). It’s a good feeling to have a personal camera back in my rotation. I’m now not worried about what happens when I get Dooced.

I’m feeling pretty snap-happy. LittleBrother is barely tolerating me.

All pictures are straight out of the camera.

I’d go ahead and expect an influx of photography related posts and photos over the next few weeks as I figure out how this new camera fits into our fire and family life. I do want to get down to the fire department and take a few new photos of the trucks to give it a true fire family welcome. Until then, I’ll be messing around with settings and figuring my way around my new camera who doesn’t yet have a name. I think I also need a Fancy Pants camera strap.

In closing: I’m a happy photographer/blogger/wife/mommy/mamarazzi today. Even if we’re having a plumbing emergency that means that we have no running water and unearthed the fact that we have mold behind the walls in our bathroom. Maybe I’ll go take some photos of that… or maybe not.

[Disclosure: I bought the camera with my hard earned money. The links are through Amazon Associates.]

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Woohoo we’re camera twins!!! Yay! And yay on getting an epiphanie bag, I LOVE mine.

I replied to your tweet, but there are some cute camera straps on etsy if you look for phatstraps, I think it is. I got mine from My Funky Camera, it’s not an etsy store but I love it. :)
.-= Ari´s last blog ..365 Days of Danbo: On hold. =-.

How fun to have a new toy! I love my Nikon d40-still a novice around here! I so want a more advanced model, though. I have a great 50mm lens that does not autofocus on my d40. UGH! I really can’t focus it correctly.

And that Epiphanie bag is the greatest! It’s a little out of my price range, so I’m looking at Etsy shops. Any suggestions? :)
.-= Saj´s last blog ..February Zoo Fun =-.

You’re cheating on Canon!?!?! It’s all good, though. I’m always jealous when somebody gets a new toy. :-)

BTW, I got an Etsy camera bag for Christmas, and I do love it. A lot. It’s a slightly different fabric than this one: I might try to get a bigger version of it if I ever buy that lens I’ve now wanted for a year.
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Congratulations on the new addition to your family! ;) Does Big Brother get the Canon so he can follow in Mommy’s footsteps?

Nana bought the Canon. BB will stick with his Fuji for a few more years. The problem is when LB turns three this year and says, “HEY! Where’s MY camera?” I might have to stalk friends for old cameras that they’re no longer using.

Yay for Nikon! I can’t wait to hear (and see) more about your experiences with the D90. Also – thank you for the link to epiphanie! *Love.* That’s absolutely going on my list of must-have camera accessories for the near future. (Gosh those lists get long fast, huh?) I also can’t wait to hear what lens you choose!

Lucky you! My daughter has D90 and loves it!

Sympathy on the mold problem. We’ve had the same and it’s no party. But take pics of everything. The insurance might cover it.

Last…thanks for visiting and commenting on my photo blog!

My fire dept. bought 4 D90s for our investigation division. We’re able to use them for our own purposes/fun, which is a great perk! We love these cameras. They have been very effective on the fireground and at home. (read versitile) Easy to use with great results. Hope you enjoy yours, as much as I have mine…. :o)

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