Things We Learned This Christmas

Our Christmas celebrations have finally come to an end. I’ll share a lot of pictures on Thursday as part of this week’s You Capture challenge. For now, however, I will share a few things that we learned.

1. I shouldn’t wear heels. Ever. I fell down our entire flight of stairs on Christmas Eve as we went to leave for church. I bought those heels specifically to wear with the dress that I was wearing. I won’t be wearing them again. I am Miss Congeniality apparently.

2. My boys get tired of wearing their Christmas sweaters on time number six. Now, to be fair, we got a lot of use out of those sweaters this year. (Santa pictures, BigBrother’s program, BigBrother’s party, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Christmas with my family just yesterday.) Yesterday morning, however, LittleBrother exclaimed, “I don’t want to wear fire truck sweater!” Who can blame him? That’s a lot of wearing in one month. (That said, I need to convince another company to make a fire truck Christmas sweater/shirt for next year. They got so many compliments!)

3. Can’t find something that you desperately want/need for Christmas? Put grandparents in charge. I’m usually great at being on top of Hallmark ornaments but I wasn’t this year. Thanks to a tweet by @ResourcefulMom, I learned that Hallmark had a Toy Story ornament this year. Our local stores were all sold out. Guess who found it? Yia Yia (my mom). This happened with a few things. Win!

4. Keeping the whole reason for the season discussion going is not all that difficult. Until Christmas day. Then even the best of children will exclaim, “I want more presents!” Thankfully, BigBrother was easily reminded that gifts are not a right. He went back to saying his thank yous and acting like a good boy in short order.


5. I had a moment of, “Hmm, that doesn’t look like a lot of presents,” after they opened what we (and Santa) had given them on Christmas morning. I immediately felt silly, especially considering the point above. I have been assured, however, that many parents have that moment of, “Well, gee, I thought I bought more than that,” on Christmas morning. I questioned, for just a moment, whether making a budget and sticking to it is the best way to go about Christmas shopping. My worries were soon forgotten as they received far more than their fair share of presents from three sets of grandparents, four sets of great-grandparents and one great-great-grandmother. Add in the aunts and uncles and friends that also gave them gifts and, well, we’re set until their birthdays next November. Please remind me of this point when I am busy sticking to my budget next Christmas. It works for us. Sticking with it. Plus? It’s really not about what is under the tree.

6. Christmas is so much better as a parent. I knew that last year but this year was just a reminder.

We really had a lovely, blessed Christmas experience this year.

We hope yours was great as well. Tune in Thursday for a look at pictures.


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Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas from our family to yours.