BigBrother as Linus

Last night we gathered together as a family in the living room and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. The boys watch it at random and I catch the notes of “Christmas Time Is Here” wafting up the stairwell in mid-July. In fact, anything Charlie Brown is accepted by these two as Most Awesome. That is a-okay with us, of course, as we feel the same way.

BigBrother can recite most of Linus’ speech but he was feeling video camera shy last night. He would only give us the last line, complete with his Linus blanket that he does, in fact, take everywhere.

He is our very own little Linus.


I’m trying to keep the point of that video in mind today, on Christmas Eve. I’m running a bit behind. I have a cold and cough and still have to sing tonight at service. I have ruined a three layer cake. I went to get the ham steaks out of the freezer only to find that we forgot to buy ham steaks. Now we’re having Roast Beast Beef which is probably appropriate considering how much they also love the Grinch. I’ll be run-run-running to get these kids through a meal, to church, to the Fire Department to visit FireDad (who will be home at 7:00 tomorrow morning) and open their Christmas Eve pajamas and a book, home, bathed, excited about putting the Christmas cookies out for Santa but not too much so that they can’t turn around and go to bed shortly thereafter. I’m exhausted thinking about it.

But my children are good at bringing me perspective, reminding me of the reason for all of this chaos. Tonight, after we’ve set out the cookies and taken a picture in front of the tree, we will curl up in BigBrother’s bed, pull out the big Bible and read the story of Jesus’ birth. We will say our nightly prayer and we will give thanks for all we have been blessed with, not only for this season but through our Savior.

And then I will tuck them in, set everything up, take a picture, upload it to Capture the Magic(*), print it out, giggle as I eat the cookies and set everything up and then toss myself into bed… to say my own prayer of thankfulness.

Merry Christmas Eve. I hope to post a picture of us at some point in time tomorrow. If not, Merry Christmas as well!

[* = Not an affiliate link. Too lazy to set one up. But I had to share it!]


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  1. How sweet! We will be going to Christmas Eve service before the big family Christmas Eve party where Santa comes to visit just to remind ourselves & Kiddo of the true reason we celebrate! Merry Christmas!

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