Weekend Outtakes: Only a Star

We used to use the star that my grandparents used upon their first Christmas tree. It died last year. We went out today to purchase a new one. FireDad vetoed one of my selections while I vetoed his old school foil looking one that my parents totally had atop our tree in the 80’s. I asked a question.

FireMom: So, does it have to be a star?
FireDad: Not a bow. Not an angel. A flippin’ star.
FireMom: Well then.
FireDad: The dad doesn’t say, “No, that bow is crooked.” He doesn’t say, “No, that angel is crooked.” He says, “No, that star is crooked.”
FireMom: Right. A star then.


He was obviously referencing A Christmas Story because that’s what we do around here from now until next Christmas, rinse repeat. Anyway, our tree is decorated, complete with our new star which had to be wrestled onto its perch. We’ll show you the whole tree tomorrow along with the boys’ tree. For now, our new star, minus the audio snippets of FireDad cussing as he tried to get it to fit right.


Side note: the boys tree doesn’t have a star. Perhaps we should have them make one. Opinions?


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Why I Prefer Pajamas to Black Friday Shopping

Some of you may recall that I lost my Black Friday virginity last year. I recall it. Vividly. Which is why I slept in this morning and am writing to you from my couch. In my pajamas. I’m drinking a cup of coffee and eating a piece of maple pumpkin pie that BigBrother made for yesterday’s Thanksgiving celebration. The laundry is washing. Soon the dishes will be washing. And I’ll listen to Christmas music while I decorate (all but the tree) as the snow attempts to fall but refuses to stick to the ground.

Because the memories of last year are enough to keep me inside for as long as possible today.*

I don’t like the way that today’s deals make people act, both those in search of the deals and those working at the stores. While I didn’t engage in any pushing, shoving, shouting or other such nastiness last year, I watched it happen. It made me sick to my stomach and really upset me. Those things are not what this season is about for my family. Those are not the reasons that FireDad and I exchanged vows a week before Christmas five years ago. The hope, love and general spirit of the season are things that this family rejoices in, not the overt commercialism.

Not that I don’t love a good deal. I do. In fact, I really, really love a good deal. But not on Black Friday.


Growing up, the day after Thanksgiving was about decorating for Christmas. And leftovers. And Christmas music. And annoying each other since everyone was home from work and school. And more leftovers. And pie! I want that for my household as well. Some may argue that they do those things after they go out and do some early morning shopping. That early morning shopping last year ruined my whole day. I don’t want that.

While I said, last year, that I’d cave and go back out this year if The Store That Has Everything From Power Wheels to Eggnog had $88 Power Wheels again (they did), FireDad and I discussed that there’s no world in which a four year old and a two year old need a tricycle, a bicycle AND a Power Wheels in one sitting. The former two are arriving from Santa. The latter would be overkill. And so, once again, no Power Wheels. The world didn’t end after that decision or after I woke up well after the shopping kicked off this morning. My children will continue to live life, without a Power Wheels, and all will be well.

And so, Black Friday shoppers, enjoy your sale prices. You won’t have to push, shove or otherwise assault me in order to get your deals. To those that also hate confrontation but are braving it all the same, I send you my best. I’ll stay home, warm in my pajamas, and enjoy the fact that I am neither cold nor rushed and not even upset about a missed deal. Because there’s always more pie.

Mmm, Pie

* = I do have to go to the bank today and I have to shoot the basketball game tonight so I do have to leave the house but hope to avoid any insanity.