Weekend Outtakes: Only a Star

We used to use the star that my grandparents used upon their first Christmas tree. It died last year. We went out today to purchase a new one. FireDad vetoed one of my selections while I vetoed his old school foil looking one that my parents totally had atop our tree in the 80’s. I asked a question.

FireMom: So, does it have to be a star?
FireDad: Not a bow. Not an angel. A flippin’ star.
FireMom: Well then.
FireDad: The dad doesn’t say, “No, that bow is crooked.” He doesn’t say, “No, that angel is crooked.” He says, “No, that star is crooked.”
FireMom: Right. A star then.

He was obviously referencing A Christmas Story because that’s what we do around here from now until next Christmas, rinse repeat. Anyway, our tree is decorated, complete with our new star which had to be wrestled onto its perch. We’ll show you the whole tree tomorrow along with the boys’ tree. For now, our new star, minus the audio snippets of FireDad cussing as he tried to get it to fit right.


Side note: the boys tree doesn’t have a star. Perhaps we should have them make one. Opinions?


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3 Replies to “Weekend Outtakes: Only a Star”

  1. Where’d you find that star? We went to 4 stores and couldn’t find anything we liked. Found one at Lowes but I don’t forsee us reusing it next year…Not bright enough…

    1. W*lm*rt. We got the white one, which was the last white one, and they also had silver and gold in the same design. It’s bright-ish but it was a BEAR to put on top of the tree because it’s heavy and the place to stick it on the tree was rather small.

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