You Capture: Food (& Thanks)

This week’s You Capture challenge over at I Should Be Folding Laundry is, appropriately, food. I meant to take pictures of our meals every day but time got away from me as we’ve had two birthdays and one party in the past week. I did take quite a few pictures of cake but we also had some great meals this week. Think homemade chicken potpie (which I’ve photographed before), ribs (made by FireDad), a new meatloaf recipe, and, oh, I did photograph our chili!

But I did manage to get some food shots. You see, BigBrother has been wanting to make pumpkin pie for weeks. But then we got the flu and it kind of fell by the wayside. With today being Thanksgiving, I figured we’d make a pumpkin pie together. Last night we got together in the kitchen, after I already had the crust made, rolled, fought with and placed in the pie pan, and made a pie together. Our pumpkin pie has no cinnamon (I’m allergic) and is actually a maple pumpkin pie.  BigBrother had a blast. Truth be told, so did I.

See? Me!
To prove that I was involved, FireDad snapped a picture. Thanks, hon!



Maple Syrup



He looks awfully smug, doesn’t he? So proud of himself! I’m proud of him, too.



Recipe is a variation on this Real Simple one, sans cinnamon due to my allergy and cloves due to my distaste for their very existence. Our maple syrup is Gramps’ homemade maple syrup so, of course, ours is better than any variation you will make. It is heavenly.

Somewhere in between the last two pictures I managed to spill the pie out of the crust and pan and onto the bottom of my oven. The spilling also caused the crust on that side to burn. Knowing that it would, I ran to the store and picked up some Reddi-Whip which I plan to use so that my Great-Grandmother doesn’t see my pie snafu. Also, I picked up wine on my quick outing. See?


The big bottle in the back is for today to share over dessert with my enormous family. The small bottle in front was for me to test last night (as my favorite brand wasn’t available in a big bottle). You know, just in case it wasn’t going to be good, I had to have a glass last night. I took one for the team. (Moscato is my favorite.)

Next week’s You Capture challenge is to tell a story. I have something in mind. We’ll see if I remember to do it or not!

Food (and wine) aside, I’m very thankful today, of all days, to be where I am, who I am and with those in my life. Our life may be busy and hectic at times but that in itself is a blessing. I am thankful for the three amazing men who live under this room. I am thankful for an amazing Munchkin and the people who love and care for her on a daily basis. I am thankful for my friends, both here in Ohio and back home in Pennsylvania, who bring sanity and laughs to my life. I am thankful for my blog friends who encourage, challenge and generally make my life awesome. I am thankful for so many, many things.

I hope that you are able to be thankful today as well!

Happy Thanksgiving from the FireFamily!


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