You Capture: Our Real Life, Flu Style

Beth wanted us to capture “Our Real Life” as the You Capture challenge this week. If you’ve been following our saga, our real life has involved a lot of coughing, a lot of snot, a lot of medicine and a lot of sleep. Interrupted sleep but sleep all the same. We’re sick. Still sick. Newly sick. At various points in our sicknesses.

In fact, I’m on Day 12. That’s right, I got a respiratory infection on top of the flu. When I do something, I go all out! LittleBrother got sick late last week, the flu as well, and got a double ear infection on top of it. Apparently we’re just overachievers. BigBrother, on the other hand, is fine and dandy, moving at speeds I couldn’t keep up with even if I was well. The good news is that we’ve had lots of quiet moments, cuddles like we had yesterday.

And so, really, this has been “our real life” since Thursday of last week.


Daddy Cuddles

Daddy Cuddles

I’d share a picture of BigBrother but, as I said, he’s well and moving at lightning speeds. I simply can’t keep up. (As a side note, I am finally on antibiotics for my respiratory infection. I hope to feel better before BigBrother’s birthday next Tuesday.)

Hopefully someone else who participated in this week’s You Capture challenge has some pictures that really show their lives. But, really, that’s all we’ve done. Most of the week we didn’t get out of our pajamas. Mmm, pajamas. Next week’s challenge is Sunrise/Sunset which makes me think of the song which makes me weepy as my sons will both be turning another year older in the next week and a half. These sniffles? Uh, they’re just because I’m sick. I swear…


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21 Replies to “You Capture: Our Real Life, Flu Style”

  1. Sweet photos! Hope you are feeling better soon so you can keep up with the little guy! ;) I know how that is! haha. I can hardly keep up with my little boy when I’m healthy!

  2. I’ve been sick too, which is why I haven’t been around. These photos are so great. Makes me think of my husband and son. I’m behind on all things…such as You Capture, etc. Maybe I’ll try to slide one in.

    I hope you all start feeling better real soon. I know we’re still trying to kick the flu and some other things.

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