You Capture: Autumn

I love Autumn. While Winter remains my favorite, I love fall. I love the chill in the air. The jeans. The sweatshirts. The leaves. The smells. The sounds. The football. The Halloween and Thanksgiving preparations. I just love it all. I caught a few pictures this week. (And in case you missed my Wordless Wednesday yesterday, it has three of my new favorite “Autumn-slash-Halloween” pictures.) As such, I was pleased that this week’s You Capture theme was Autumn.

We did a lot of walking earlier this week when it was still warm and beautiful. You know, before the rain moved in and knocked all the leaves off the trees. Such is Autumn: a fickle beast. In my experience, those which are fickle are also beautiful. Take, for example, a shot of a street near ours. Beautiful.


And this glorious, fire-blazing tree on the street just past that one.

Fire Blazing

And then, another two blocks later, we arrived at the park only to be greeted by a golden, shiny tree.



And then, walking all the way back home, one lone little red leaf floated onto the porch, just at my feet as the boys ran around the yard, taking advantage of the last days of warmth. By warmth, of course, I mean hooded sweatshirts over long-sleeved t-shirts and jeans. With or without jackets depending on if the sun is behind a cloud or not. Warmth is relative. But back to the lone red leaf!


The thing that amuses me most, of course, is that at the beginning of fall, the boys were happy to sit in the leaves and let me take their pictures. They smiled and posed and thought it was a great time. Remember? You can tell that fall has progressed. The leaves have lost their magic spell. They’re annoyed that I keep asking them to sit down. They’d much rather be running around, crunching in the leaves. Or at least pushing each other off of their tractor. All the same, boys in the leaves wearing orange is all about Autumn.


Next week’s theme for You Capture, hosted by Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry, is a Free For All! I’m thinking some more shots of fire trucks might be necessary. Or maybe a few Halloween shots. Or the huge six layer cake that I’m in the process of making as I type. Or perhaps I should document my first few days at my new job? Or maybe a series of total randomness. Very exciting!


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