A Threadless Shirt for Firefighters & Families

When I first learned about Threadless, their classic shirt “The Day the Fire Brigade Went On Strike” was already sold out. The next time they reprinted it, we had just made a large purchase and I didn’t have a lot of extra money to throw around. I signed up to receive word the next time it was reprinted so that I would be the first in line for the most adorable print on a shirt made for firefighters, the people that love them and the children that want to be them.

That day was today.

I tell you this now because I have purchased all of the sizes that we need. For awhile. So, we’re good. You can now purchase the shirt.

The Shirt of All Shirts


Some tips about purchasing from Threadless. This particular shirt is printed on a Threadless brand t-shirt for adults and hoodies. I find that Threadless shirts, while they don’t shrink, fit true-to-size if not a little small. I order myself a large to accompany my chest. (What?) FireDad still wears a medium. The children sizes are currently sold out on Threadless t-shirts (except in size 8 ) but are also available on an American Apparel shirt. American Apparel, after some research, is known to shrink one full size after washing and drying. You may want to size up. Consider this your warning. If you do size up and it doesn’t fit them yet, at least they’ll grow into it as opposed to washing it and having it be too small. Right?

Honestly? I’d go buy this right now if you’re interested. Why? This shirt sells out fast. As I said, the second time it was reprinted, I couldn’t purchase that week and they were gone before my next payday. In fact, the creator of this shirt said that they were sold so quickly that he didn’t even get to buy one himself. That’s crazy. Buy one now.

And, yes, I plan on having a full FireFamily photo in our matching shirts. All of us. I’m that cheesy.

[I received nothing to make this post. In fact, I spent far, far too much to be able to write this post first in order to make sure I got all sizes in my cart and purchased before alerting the public. I wrote this post simply because I want my readers, who include firefighters and their families, to know of a great shirt that will likely only be available for a short time. I always Blog with Integrity. And man, I love t-shirts. And firefighters. And elephants.]


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