You Capture: Friends

It took me awhile to make friends when I first moved to Ohio to be with my best friend. But it happened, gradually and over time. And nothing makes you friends faster than children. In fact, prior to birthing BigBrother, I didn’t have any friends that weren’t also my husband’s friends. (I’m kind of shy, what can I say?)

In the weeks after LittleBrother’s birth, however, I happened upon one friendship that grew and spawned some others. It’s been a blessing of a year and a half to get to know these other women and their many children. While I seem to be the baby of the group, they don’t (usually…) treat me that way.

Today we got together for a “playdate” which is just really another word for, “I NEED TO TALK TO ADULTS!” I brought the rest of the rainbow cake that you saw a preview of yesterday (tune in tomorrow for a post all about it) and the kids had a good time together. Because of my friendships with these women, my sons have automatic friends. They may be outnumbered when it comes to girls versus boys but, at these ages, it doesn’t seem to matter too much. One heartwarming moment was watching one of the oldest girls feed LittleBrother his cake as he was having trouble.

Mmm, friends.



And cake (BigBrother is pleased, obviously).


Let’s hear it for friends!


(They’re talking about coming to BlogHer next year as well. Encourage them!)

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  1. AHHHH! Not crazy about my picure, but how sweet are you! It’s good to be friends. I’ve moved so much, it’s hard for me to find friends and this little coffee group has been amazing for me!

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