Wordless Wednesday: Rainbow Cake Preview

Rainbow Cake Preview

(One sentence: Tune in Friday for the results!)

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16 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Rainbow Cake Preview”

    1. I used the cake mix with the pudding in it (believe it is Pillsbury; I’ll be more specific in my post on Friday) and… I actually like this cake. It’s very soft, very moist. Not dry… like all wedding cakes. Ever. I mean, my wedding cake tasted fine but why are they all so dry? UGH! I wanted a Wedding Pie but my grandmother gave me the evil eye. Meh.

    1. I think you should share some of your funky cakes with me. As I’ll write about on Friday, BB (and even LB) had a blast with this cake. They didn’t do the stacking or the icing as it was a bit… difficult… but they loved mixing the colors. As I don’t particularly enjoy crafts, I thought maybe baking funky cakes, cookies and other things on a regular schedule might be our “thing.” Not quite sure yet but leaning toward it…

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