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You Capture: Black & White (Camp Version)

We’re at camp this week. Have been since last Thursday. Won’t be returning to civilization until Saturday afternoon. I’ve had lots of photography opportunities, chasing my two boys around camp. The best black and white opp (for the You Capture theme this week) came on Sunday for morning church service. I had the boys in their Easter outfits. They were throwback outfits which kind of fits with the whole open tabernacle church thing.


Old-School Brothers


The latter picture made me melt. LittleBrother has taken to singing loudly (in the back row) during church services. He picks out a song from the hymn and just repeats it over and over. Sometimes it’s “JEEEEEEEEEESUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHS!” and sometimes it’s “WOOOOOOOOOO-YAAAAAAWWWWWWW.” Whatever it is, I melt every time. I’m so blessed.

Speaking of LittleBrother, if you follow me on twitter, you know that today was not an easy day. LittleBrother was bored during the last ten minutes of this morning’s service, so we were walking around outside of the tabernacle… when his forehead met the sidewalk. No hands before his head hit. I swear, it was the most awful sound I have ever heard in my entire life. I almost threw up… except for the fact that I ran, scooped him up and dashed inside our cottage. I sat on the steps and took a look.

His head was indented. Cue more gagging.

I immediately laid him on the couch… and he didn’t try to move at all. Very un-LittleBrother-like. Panic began to set in. At this point, his lips were white as a sheet. More panic. Amazingly, my cell phone had service at that moment and I got ahold of FireDad, our resident paramedic. He instructed me to take him to the local Emergency Room. I found my aunt, told her to pick BigBrother up from his class and headed the twelve minutes down the road, windows in the back all the way down to keep LittleBrother awake. The indent was now turning to a goose egg, which I took as a good sign, but we made our way to the hospital anyway.

We waited far too long for my liking. In the end, he had a CAT scan and we found that he (just?) has a concussion. While it could be worse, I still feel pretty awful. And exhausted having waited at the ER for most of our day. I did learn, however, that there is a hospital worse than our local hospital back home. (Shocking, I know, for the locals reading. Scary.) The doctor never told me his name. Never said more than four sentences to us. And he didn’t even offer the final diagnosis. Our (wonderful!) nurse did. Ugh.

He’s feeling better. In fact, we had to stop him from rough-housing with BigBrother. I have to wake him up tonight to make sure he is easy to wake up, functioning and, you know, grumpy with me for waking him up when he should be sleeping. Should be a fun night at camp. Thankfully, it is our next to last. I’m now more than exhausted, having been at camp for eight days at this point. I’d throw in the towel and just go home but BigBrother is very excited about his program on Saturday afternoon (for which FireDad is driving down to join us). I can make it another day and a half, right?

For other black and white photos, hopefully without accompanying sob stories and ER visits, go hit up Beth’s post. I hope to have something more encouraging for next week’s theme (and on time instead of at 9:49pm): Friends.

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I’ve been there with the falling and also with the God awful hospital service. I’m so happy that he’s doing well. <3

Oh my gosh! That must gave been so so scary!!! So glad you took him to the hospital. I get so scared every time my boys hit their heads! Glad he is okay. Good luck tonight!

OH SO SCARY! Our AP (’bout Big Bro’s age) skidded on a wet floor a couple of weekend ago and cracked his forehead right on the corner of my washer.

As he was functioning fine, no vomiting, pupils were normal and equal – I didn’t take him in. He had some slight swelling.

However, he now has a ridge I can still feel on his forehead! Almost 3 weeks later. Is that normal? Did that nurse say anything about it?

My friend said her forehead and her son’s also had similar scar tissue or something years after they had similar bumps, so I didn’t rush mine off to the doctor… But maybe I should, because it’s still worrying me…….

But what you described – I would have been sick. Kudos to you for holding it together! And for being brave enough to stick out the last couple of days. I would have wanted to run back home.
.-= StorkWatcher´s last blog ..Cute Story =-.

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