Why We Love Movie Soundtracks

I’ve mentioned that we have days with No-TV in our house. We’re also coming up on a ten hour drive (sure to be twelve hours with TheBrothers in the back seat) without a DVD player in our vehicle. (Yes, they still make those!) Our No-TV days are usually filled with lots of music. While BigBrother is also an 80’s dance tune kinda man, we also have a love of movie soundtracks.

I’m not necessarily talking about the score to Schindler’s List (a favorite of FireDad’s) or standing on our porch, exclaiming, “I’m the king of the world,” while listening to the Titanic soundtrack. While both provide some great music, I understand that kids relate to things that they already know. As such, I have taken the time and money to download various soundtracks from their favorite movies.

So far, we have:

* – Toy Story & Toy Story 2 soundtracks are only available for digital download on Amazon at this point as the physical CDs have “been discontinued by the manufacturer.” Links reflect this.

There are obvious favorites on each soundtrack. On Cars, for example, the Rascal Flatts rendition of “Life is Highway” gets BigBrother to sing loudly, giving a play by play as to what was going on in the movie at that point. He also loves to belt out “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” at any point in any day. But the real gems are the lesser known, quieter songs on the soundtracks.

BigBrother has recently blessed us with his voice by singing “Find Yourself” by Brad Paisley. (Not Eminem’s Oscar winning song by the same title from the movie Eight Mile. Obviously.) It’s a beautiful little song. Hearing my little man bust out with real notes and real words that have real meaning made me cry. In fact, FireDad admitted to fighting back some sniffles and tears. (And my own Dad did cry. What can I say? I come from a family of criers.) Take a look at these lyrics.

Where you go through life
So sure of where you’re headin’
And you wind up lost and it’s
The best thing that could have happened
‘Cause sometimes when you lose your way it’s really just as well
Because you find yourself
Yeah that’s when you find yourself

Coming from a three and a half year old, those are melt-inducing words. Just trust me. What? You don’t? Take a listen as BigBrother serenades us with his rendition of the song. I’ve only included the last verse of this particular recording as you probably don’t need to listen to LittleBrother scream during the first verse, upset that FireDad wanted BigBrother to have a moment of spotlight. Ah, sibling rivalry.

Are you still a puddle of goo? I apologize. I will tell you that had I posted the whole video, mis-heard lyrics and all, you would be a permanent puddle of goo with no chance of parole. Hopefully his spotlight hogging schtick at the end (There’s another song!”) brought you back to the reality that I am raising a ham and a half.

Anyway, I love having these soundtracks as part of our musical library. Why? I can handle the music. Not only are there songs that I know the words to and enjoy singing (even if the original version by Tom Cochrane is better) but there are nice breaks with instrumental songs. In fact, The Incredibles soundtrack (also available in MP3 download) is all instrumental music. It’s still fun to BigBrother! And I love instrumental music. I can’t help but appreciate the score pieces! Furthermore, when we’re not in the car and just jamming out at home, it’s fun to watch BigBrother act out various scenes of various movies and, as we play more, create his own scenes with the given characters and his own made up ones. Dancing around, falling with style, super hero punching, swimming under the sea and generally laughing, we have made our own memories with the help of music from a movie.

And so, yes, we’re taking these on our drive to Emerald Isle, North Carolina in August (leaving in one month, eight days but who is counting? ME!). These five CDs provide us with about five hours of music, give or take. Now to find something to fill the other five to seven hours of drive time… hmm. Do you have any other tolerable music on hand? (All Laurie Berkner, various Sunday School songs CDs and the Curious George soundtrack already in our library.)

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Elizabeth Mitchell has several cds out, and one of them is folk songs, which I love. My son loves the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack (instrumental) and random iTunes singles from Star Wars and Indiana Jones. When we’re traveling we do a lot of audiobooks, though.
.-= Brittany´s last blog ..Happy 4th of July! =-.

I know what you mean! I bought Gracie the Cinderella score (Disney version) when she was really little and she recognized even the instrumental songs. Eventually, she loved playing to the music more than watching the movie.

We love the Raffi cds and Peter, Paul, and Mary. (The Raffi ones will eventually get to you, but the boys will love them.) And of course Dan Zanes. He’s great because he sings for the little people but not necessarily little kid songs…the musical equivalent of not talking down to them, if you know what I mean. You can find some of his stuff on YouTube if you want to preview it!
.-= Katie in MA´s last blog ..Beaten down. (Ouch.) =-.

Um I have the Wicked soundtrack, does that count? lol.

Okay not having kids I don’t have many movie soundtracks but, because I love Jack Johnson, I have the Curious George soundtrack and I would play it in my classroom quite often (regardless of the age of the students). Every time the “theme” song would come on they’d get all excited – that’s the Curious George song!
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