Rainbow Cake: A Craft You Can Eat

I’ve mentioned it time and time again here on the blog: I’m not a crafty person. But I wanted to do something crafty with the boys. A few weeks ago, BlogHer wrote about and linked up various (great) rainbow cakes. I immediately loved the one at SweetNicks. (I also immediately became a subscriber to that blog!) I saved it for a fun food craft to do after we got back from camp.

And here’s our rainbow cake experience.

I followed SweetNick’s advice and went with the Pillsbury cake mix. It took me two trips to The Store That Has Everything from Spray Paint to Food Coloring to find the Wilton’s Icing Coloring. Here’s my tip: It’s not in the “normal” baking aisle. It’s in the “crafting” baking aisle near the wedding stuff. Of course, as they just remodeled our store, it took me awhile to even find this aisle on my second trip after being informed I could most likely find what I was looking for by my fellow tweeple. (Thanks, all!) I also went with premade frosting/icing because I didn’t want to ruin the cake. I switched brands and went with Betty Crocker’s Whipped “Fluffy White” frosting because it is smooth. I used almost all of two jars to ice this six layer monstrosity.

Getting Ready

(That’s what the Wilton’s Icing Coloring looks like so you know what you are searching for in the craft baking aisle. I still maintain that baking things should be in the baking aisle in the food section. But apparently this makes too much sense.)

The point of doing this edible craft, after all, was to let the boys help. And they did. They helped do the initial stirring, laughed as I used the mixer and helped put the coloring in each of the bowls. Here’s another tip: when they say that you don’t need a lot of each color, they’re correct. A toothpick dip in each was all I needed for all but the red. The red needed three dips. The boys loved watching the colors appear. I loved watching their faces light up.



As the cakes were cooling, we went outside to play. And my two loving sons, one with purple still on his face, had a loving moment. I live for these moments.


I’ll be honest. I didn’t let them stack or ice the cake with me. I had enough difficulty and I don’t regret this decision. Starting with purple on the bottom (next to my plum Fiestaware), I iced in between each layer. The bad news about my baking is that since I made my red layer last, there was a little extra batter in that baking pan. However, I didn’t check that cake separately when the others were done. As such, the top of the red layer deflated. I figured this would be okay as the red layer was the top layer. After I stacked them all the way to the top, I just added extra icing in the deflated hole. No one was the wiser. Except that I just told the whole Internet. Hmm. Anyway, you saw this picture on Wednesday but it belongs here as well. This was after the stacking just before I started icing around the sides.



The next day, the boys woke to a six layer iced cake sitting in the middle of our kitchen table. And they didn’t touch it. We had friends over for a playdate and cut the cake. It was beautiful.

First Cut

First Cut


And BigBrother was happy about it.


I’ve been asked, umpteen billion times, why I made a rainbow cake, why I baked a cake, why why why. Doesn’t anyone just bake a cake for no reason? I mean, I’m honestly not the biggest fan of cake. I prefer pie. But this Pillsbury mix with the pudding in it? That’s some soft, moist, delicious cake. And so, my reason for baking this cake with my sons is that I wanted to do something fun, something different with them. We had a good time.

And I got to have a healthy breakfast of coffee and cake the next morning. The coffee makes it a legitimate breakfast, right?


I’m glad I decided to go ahead and do this edible craft with my kids. Not only did we enjoy making it, we enjoyed sharing it with friends. Even if they did make fun of me for making a cake for “no reason” other than something to do. Sure beats normal crafts for us!


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You Capture: Friends

It took me awhile to make friends when I first moved to Ohio to be with my best friend. But it happened, gradually and over time. And nothing makes you friends faster than children. In fact, prior to birthing BigBrother, I didn’t have any friends that weren’t also my husband’s friends. (I’m kind of shy, what can I say?)

In the weeks after LittleBrother’s birth, however, I happened upon one friendship that grew and spawned some others. It’s been a blessing of a year and a half to get to know these other women and their many children. While I seem to be the baby of the group, they don’t (usually…) treat me that way.

Today we got together for a “playdate” which is just really another word for, “I NEED TO TALK TO ADULTS!” I brought the rest of the rainbow cake that you saw a preview of yesterday (tune in tomorrow for a post all about it) and the kids had a good time together. Because of my friendships with these women, my sons have automatic friends. They may be outnumbered when it comes to girls versus boys but, at these ages, it doesn’t seem to matter too much. One heartwarming moment was watching one of the oldest girls feed LittleBrother his cake as he was having trouble.

Mmm, friends.



And cake (BigBrother is pleased, obviously).


Let’s hear it for friends!


(They’re talking about coming to BlogHer next year as well. Encourage them!)

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