When Night Time Diapering Solutions Fail

We’ve reached an impasse. Nothing is working. With regard to what? Overnight diapering solutions. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. As of this moment, I have washed LittleBrother’s sheets every morning for five straight days. I am worn out simply from the constant wrestling of the toddler bed mattress, sheets fitted tightly to prevent smothering make for difficulty to put them back on once washed. I know something needs to change. There are some things that can’t change, of course.

1. LittleBrother sleeps for twelve to thirteen hours at night. I’m not going to undo that, thank you very much.

2. His output has increased mainly because it is summer and we’re outside more so, of course, he’s drinking more water. As we are not working on overnight potty training, I don’t see a point in limiting his evening drinking. To be fair, he does not have a cup of water with his evening snack (soy yogurt) so it’s not as if we’re filling his bladder fifteen minutes before tucking him in.

Here’s what we were previously using and have also tried in hopes of fixing the problem.

1. Our old foolproof method was a new-style Fuzzi Bunz with a microterry contoured insert by Rainforest Babies, double stuffed with a large hemp JoeyBunz by BabyKicks insert. This used to be a no-questions-asked, always-works method for our family, starting back when BigBrother was wetting through everything at night. I stripped our Fuzzi Bunz in case it was a build-up issue. It is not.

2. We have, on occasion, used a classic organic bamboo velour Goodmama fitted with a Super Doubler and a Good Front covered with a Thirsties cover at night. While Goodmamas are absolutely fine for us during the day, overnight they cause too much moisture next to his skin which, like mine, is intensely sensitive.


3. I broke down and attempted the only brand of disposable diapers that he doesn’t have an allergic reaction to (Pampers) as an option. Nothing going. He still woke up with a wet bed and I feel guilty that we used disposables. Lose-lose on that one.

And so, I’ve been doing some researching.

Well, really, what I did was tweet about it.

I think I’ll blog about this next week but we need a new overnight #clothdiaper solution. LB has apparently upped his output & sleeps 13 hrs.

Not only did I get some answers but I got an offer as well from @sloomb. Thanks to what I can only call fabulous customer service (See! It still exists!), we’re being sent a Sustainable Babyish Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitted diaper (yes, in Sprout) and a wool cover as a hopeful answer to our overnight problems. We will definitely review our experience with this solution (after we lanolize the cover) over on Stop, Drop & Review. We’re hopeful that we’ll be purchasing three more diapers and covers from the company. (As we keep four overnight diapers in rotation.) Cross your fingers!

If this doesn’t work, I’m not sure what we’ll do. FireDad has suggested cutting leg holes in a trash bag and tying it around his waist. (Obviously he is joking. Keep the calls to CPS to a minimum.) And so, the real point of this post is for my readers to offer up some overnight solutions that are currently working for you. (Links would be helpful if they aren’t name brand cloth diapering solutions.)


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14 Replies to “When Night Time Diapering Solutions Fail”

  1. The first thing that came to mind was a washable bed pad. The type used in home health/nursing home facilities. Yes, you would still be washing but maybe that way you at least would not have to wrestle sheets?

    1. If he stayed in one spot, that would be an option. However, he moves and wiggles and sleeps upside down and sideways and every which way. Even as a baby, when we placed one of the smaller water proof pads on his bed, he’d wiggle off it long before he could roll.

  2. Well darn! :P I have a wiggler too..looks like a tornado has hit the sheets in the middle of the night. Hopefully you will get some other good suggestions and good luck! :)

  3. What’s been working for us (most of the time) is a BumGenius stuffed with two regular Bum Genius liners (or sometimes a BG and a HH) and a Thirsties doubler in between them. It’s not 100%-win, but way better than the nearly-100% fail we’ve had with every single other option we’ve tried.
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..The Withdrawal Method to My Madness =-.

  4. we’ve had the same issue! we use a toddler diaper with a toddler hemp one folder as a doubler with a whisper wrap – to no avail! finally, he has started drinking less at night and is mostly dry in the morning – and there was much rejoicing! keep us posted on the things you are trying!

  5. If you find that the Sustainablebabyish fitted doesn’t work out for you overnight, I do highly recommend trying out a BedBug from Holden’s Landing paired with a wool soaker. We tryed all manner of nighttime diapering options and they were the only thing that didn’t leave us changing sheets and PJs in the middle of the night.
    .-= M´s last blog ..swing toddler toddler, swing! =-.

  6. We use a fuzzibunz, stuffed with a regular insert, a prefold folded ib thirds, and a hemp doubler or more often another regular fb insert. It’s huge, but if we change right after waking we can keep the damage limited to either a sopping sopping diaper, or just wet onesie edges.

    Hope you figure it out!

    1. I think tonight I’ll throw in a prefold as well. I may have to break out the old style larges (or even a new style large) for it to fit him triple stuffed though. I’ll let you know. We used to occasionally have a wet onesie edge but anymore, everything is just soaked. (And it’s not a leg hole issue because he finally has chub on his legs. WHO KNEW!)

  7. We have this problem sometimes–we use pampers–and the couple of things that helped were to put two diapers on him with the outer one being a larger size, and good old-fashioned gerber plastic pants. The plastic pants are so-so because they can irritate his skin but if your little guy can tolerate them they do help.

  8. We use a Happy Hempy fitted diaper stuffed with a Babykicks trifold and a Babykicks doubler. Then we use a wool cover (I prefer the “sweater” style). The gal at our local diaper shop recommends this for night time heavy wetters and it totally works for our super heavy wetter. Before we started this he’d wake up wet from mid-abdomen to hips every morning!

    I prefer to keep two wool soakers in his size because they take such a super long time to dry after lanolizing (literally 24 to 48 hours!). Here’s the “link” (I have no idea how to actually make it a true link, sorry!) to my local shop and the Happy Hempy. Oh, and my boy has super sensitive skin, and this generally keeps his skin happy too.


  9. Our tried and true used to always be a pocket stuffed with hemp with either a well-lanolized wool cover or a PUL pant like a bumkins or dappis over top.

    One thing to lessen the bulk is to fold an insert in half and lay that at the front of the diaper on the outside between the pocket diaper or regular diaper and under the wool snap wrap cover.

  10. My DIL just gets up and changes my grandson around 4 am. he never wakes up when she does this. He is 2 and in the middle of being potty trained but they have not yet gotten to nite training. Changing him in the middle of the nite is tiring but it sure beats all the extra work in the morning. He also has sensitive skin and this also helps with that.

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