Who Are the Real Heroes In Your Life?

I’ve told you before how I view FireDad as one of my heroes. I’ve written about how he was honored by our city as a hero as well for saving another man’s life. Every time he fights a fire, he becomes a hero to someone else’s family as well. The boys, as well, think that he’s the best hero since Mr. Incredible. (But not since Buzz Lightyear. Buzz wins, hands down.) He may not be on CNN (but he has been on the front page of our newspaper time and time again, though once it wasn’t for being a hero). But he’s our real life, everyday hero.

And Applebee’s wants to know about him and the many men and women like him.

Applebee’s has launched something called their Realburgers for Real Heroes contest. In essence, they want people like you and me to nominate our favorite “real life hero” to win a great prize pack. Here’s what they have to say about the definition of real life hero:

A real hero might be a favorite fireman, parent, coach, volunteer, teacher, or best friend – people who are
making a difference in your life and neighborhood every day. Who are your heroes?

Sure, it’s easy to call FireDad a hero. I mean, he saves lives! But what about a coach or a teacher that has touched the lives of students for years and years? What about a parent who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in how they actively parent their children? What about the best friend who stood by you as your world crumbled? What about that woman who started the organization that changed your life? What about those you come in contact with, every single day, that are actively working to better the world around them? I know that you know someone to nominate. In fact, if you think about it, I bet you know more than one person to nominate.

What’s to win? Other than a big old pat on the back and some recognition for a job well done?

The Grand Prize Winner will receive $5,000 and a year’s worth of free Applebee’s Realburgers. Just for nominating, you’re automatically entered into a weekly sweepstakes drawing for a $50 Applebee’s Gift Card.

Free burgers and money. Sounds good to me!

You can nominate your Real Hero through July 5th. After that, people will be able to vote for their favorite Real Heroes on the Applebee’s website from July 15th to the 23rd. (I know I’ll be checking in to see who others view as their heroes. I love reading stories that warm my heart!)

Prize PackAs we’re hoping to spread word about this contest, we’re hosting a little giveaway here on Stop, Drop and Blog. You can win an Applebee’s prize pack with a few things (an aromatherapy ball, lip balm, cookie butter, pen, photo holder, calculator, stress apple and some other stuff). How to win?

1. Tweet this contest by copy/pasting this into your tweet stream.

Nominate a Real Hero in your life & win an Applebee’s prize pack: Now thru July 5th! #SDBrealheroes

After doing so, come back and comment with the individual URL of the tweet.

2. Blog about the Applebee’s contest and this associated giveaway, linking to both the Applebee’s contest page and this post here. Come back and comment with the link to your live, public post.

3. Send this post here to StumbleUpon, Facebook or any other legitimate social media site. Please comment with each site you have submitted to.

The giveaway is open through the end of the contest (in the continuous hope of reminding people to vote for their Real Heroes) on July 5th, 2009. Comments will be accepted through 11:59pm on that evening. At that point (or, the next morning), we will visit and pull a random winner. The information will be forwarded on to Applebee’s so that the prize pack may be shipped.

Don’t forget to nominate your Real Heroes! Today!

[Full Disclosure: I received no compensation, monetary or freebies, for posting about this. Our family is simply well aware of how real life heroes need recognition.]

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I would have to say my Father is my hero. He was a Miami Policeman and every day we would be so happy that he made it home from work. He was always brave and always taught us to not be afraid of standing up for what was right, even it if made us unpopular. Even as a parent now, I know that instilling these types of values in my children will carry through as a family tradition and hopefully help others… even if it is in a small way be confident to do the right thing.

(of course, I still speed… but don’t tell my Daddy!)

Jake; You’ve been pulled as our winner through! Please email me your shipping information so I may pass it on to Applebee’s!


I would have to say that my sister is my hero. She is a single Mother of two and had worked full time, raised two wonderful and successful kids and is now finishing up Grad school. She is amazing!

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