But Trust Me On the Sunscreen

It’s not like I meant to forget the sunscreen. I was trying to wrangle the boys and get their sunblock on before we left for a playdate with friends. I knew we would be outside the whole time and right at those hideous peak sun hours. Sunscreen was an absolute must. But kids will be kids and squealing and wiggling happen. By the time I got them appropriately covered, I simply forgot to put sunscreen on myself.

My shoulders, arms, chest and upper legs are now the color of a beautifully ripe tomato.

My face, however, is saved as my foundation has 15SPF already in it. Saved by a purchase by my maternal grandmother. I should send her a thank you note. Anyway, so, yes. I’m dealing with a pretty hefty and oddly lined sunburn this morning. It definitely doesn’t match my bathing suit lines. Or the shirt that I’m currently wearing. I almost feel the need to wear a turtleneck until this humiliation passes. I feel like a fourteen year old who got a hickey in the middle of summer; how do I hide this mess?

Of course, I feel better knowing that neither boy has a spot of burn on them. The fact remains that “overexposure to sunlight before age 18 is most damaging to the skin.” (Of course, daily unprotected exposure, even when it doesn’t result in a sunburn, is what causes the most damage.) I know I need to be more careful with myself. I’m fair skinned, freckled, moled and come from a family with a history of skin cancer. However, my boys are also fair skinned (though BB has both maternal and paternal grandfathers’ ability to tan), freckled, moled and come from two sides of a family with a history of skin cancer. They’re under eighteen. As such, they will always be my first priority when it comes to applying sunscreen. (More info here.)

Now if only I had someone to apply mine while I was taking care of the children. Do they make those?

Of course, our family also deals with the fact that the boys have sensitive skin. I recently decided not to listen to my better judgment and use some cheaper sunscreen. BigBrother broke out in hives. I know better. In fact, I know enough to pay attention to helpful lists like this one at Skimbaco Lifestyle. Knowing which sunscreens are safe and which are, well, really not is helpful in making my decision as well. (You know, if I could just remember to put it on my own darn skin.)

In the end, my sunburn has been a learning lesson for BigBrother. I showed him my bright red arms, at which point in time he had a great giggle. I explained that was what would happen if he didn’t let me put on the sunblock before we went outside to play. His eyes got sort of big and he agreed that sunblock was the way to go. He’s an easy sell. It’s the Wiggle Monster otherwise known as LittleBrother who tells me, “Tickles,” as he tries to roll away.

I’ll be more careful with myself for the rest of the summer. If only so I don’t look like a bright red tomato at the billion and twelve events I have to attend this summer. But if you need some visual proof as to the benefits of sunscreen, take a look at this picture from last night’s Meet & Greet after the Yanni concert in Columbus. Can you tell which one is me? The bright shining red one.

With Leslie Mills

So, yes, trust me on the sunscreen.

[Head on over to the review blog to read more about my fantastic, sunburned night at the Yanni Voices concert.]

23 thoughts on “But Trust Me On the Sunscreen

  1. This sounds familiar. I’ve had two growths removed in the last three weeks or so; the big one on my upper arm was confirmed to be a basal cell growth and while I’m still waiting for the biopsy results on the one from my forehead, the doc seemed solid in her belief that it was cancerous as well.

    I promised everyone at my site I wouldn’t be too preachy about this stuff, but I never said I wouldn’t provide a little backup to those who wanted to talk about it as well. Sounds like you have a good handle on keeping your boys out of trouble. Just don’t forget about yourself, OK?

    1. I will definitely remember, for at least two years, not to forget about myself. The last time I had a burn of this nature was two years ago. Apparently that’s the length of my personal memory. Ugh. Dumb.

      Hope everything turns out well for you. My grandfather & dad both deal with skin cancer issues as well as my husband’s grandfather. I think that’s why I’m SO anal about the kids’ being covered. Now if I only could remember myself… for more than two years at a time!

  2. OUCH! I’m sending aloe and some ibuprophen. You poor thing. Your kids sound like my kids (older one would tan if i let her; younger one has skin just like mine — pale). Spray sunscreen is the best. And thank goodness for face moisturizer and foundation with SPF in it.

    Hope you feel better soon.


    red pen mamas last blog post..Six Years Out: Birth Day

    1. RPM; Thanks for sending along some care. And, yes, the boys actually prefer the spray sunscreen (which I knew, and still bought the wrong kind when the hives episode happened) which is why LB says, “TICKLES!” He thinks it is funny. I do think I look funny, though, with a bright red chest and arms… and a pale, pale face. Not very sexy!

    1. Stork; I’ve now faded to a nice… no, it’s still red. It’s awful. And, yes, your color must be off. Because that picture is hilariously red. HA!

  3. Oh sweet sister sunshine, Batman! That looks like it hurts! Wanna know how I know? Because I forgot to lather up the “Ladies” when I went boating over Memorial Day weekend. I couldn’t stomach-sleep for a week. This weekend I had the brilliant idea of evening out the spaghetti strap lines of Pale left where my bathingsuit had been. I carefully applied sunscreen to where I was previously burnt…and consquently burnt my shoulders and legs instead. Darn those complex SPF formulas and my freakishly pale skin! It’s SPF Gazillion for me from here on out!

    Feel better soon!!

    Katie in MAs last blog post..Cherry coke: I miss you already.

    1. Oh, yes, I’m in pain. Aloe is nice but it’s still very “tight” and “ow” today. I laughed, though, at your SPF Gazillion. I will join you in that venture. Ugh!

  4. I totally did the same thing to myself two weeks ago except it was my first day out on the beach! I was redder than I’ve been in years and oh so annoyed with myself. Now I’m peeling so badly I should just wear long pants and long sleeves until all the sloughing stops. At least my daughter was well sunscreened and fine. I feel your pain.

  5. Ouch! Hope your feeling better soon. We’re all fair here so we shower in the stuff. I’m really digging the Target brand spray this year… 1/2 the cost of the Coppertone equivalent and it seems to last a little longer. We use that and the No-Ad face stuff that has Nemo on the pot.

    Melizzards last blog post..4 Years Old

    1. So far, in our luck series, we can’t use store brands or even Coppertone. Immediate hives on BB. His sensitive skin shouldn’t aggravate me as much as it does … since it’s totally my gene he grabbed there. Whoops.

  6. I feel your pain right now!!! My legs are as bright as that and I even put on sunscreen. I am almost see-through pale throughout the winter, so when summer comes along, give me as high of an SPF as possible. My hubby is that burnt on his ENTIRE upper body and below his knees. He has been feeling the pain since Sunday. :( I have learned my lesson…even though the sunscreen I used failed me on Sunday… lol

    Meghanns last blog post..Happy Blogoversary!!!

  7. Man you really got burned! It happens so fast. I am so protective over kids and sun exposure but I’m bad about remembering it for me when I’m out alone.

    And when you have really bad sunburn… cold yoghurt and then cabbage leaves on the top of that… it helps, but the aloe vera lotion is less messy :)

    Katjas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

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