Virtual Fire Department Visit

If BigBrother had his way, we’d visit the fire department every day. Even those days when FireDad is home. LittleBrother wouldn’t argue either. They love fire trucks. It’s part of their bloodline. And while I have suggested to readers to visit fire departments, the truth is that you can’t visit every single day. So what do you do with a child who is vastly interested in fire trucks but has already used up the fire department visits for the week, month or year.

You turn to technology, of course.

I wish I could take credit for this idea. But I can’t. FireDad gets all the kudos for this one even if it was semi-accidental. He was sitting at his laptop one day (one exceptionally whiny, rainy day) when he decided to surf YouTube. For what? Fire trucks. Fire sirens. And all the varying degrees of noisy but wonderful searches. BigBrother stopped whining, stood next to the chair and exclaimed his joy over and over with each new video. LittleBrother did the same. We had an instantaneous winner on our hands.

There are videos of fire truck sirens in parades. There are citizens watching fire trucks zoom past. There are the sirens going off over volunteer departments, alerting their members to a call. Any kind of siren you want, old or new, can be found. And it provides some great “time-wasting” and giggling. We actually turn to this on days like yesterday and, according to the forecast, today. We normally play outside after supper but when it is raining or, worse, storming, we have to find something else to use up that time. This is just one of the things we happen to turn to because giggles before bedtime… ? Yes, please.

And so, a few of BigBrother’s favorites:


And, perhaps my favorite “siren” video, brought to you by BigBrother:


And so the next time your little one wants to go see some fire trucks, plan a virtual trip. But be prepared to listen to sirens at maximum volume for a good half an hour. Have some ibuprofen ready. And enjoy your virtual fire truck ride. (Make your own video(s) while you’re at it!)


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4 Replies to “Virtual Fire Department Visit”

  1. My kids like the pet videos. Elle will sit forever and watch them. I may try these fire truck ones with the girls and see what their reaction is!

  2. What a great idea! My 5-year-old is all about YouTube. I never thought I’d have to adjust parental controls on the computer so young! :-) I will definitely have to add some of these into her playlist.

  3. BB’s face during the last set of “Wonk Wong” cracks me up! I watched it 3 times just to see it! (ok well part of it may have been firedad in the background lol)

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